About ATTrio

 Sarah, Jennifer, Heather

3 sisters who love working out, eating and living life....

I am the oldest of the 3 Sisters. I also have 2 older brothers who I love dearly. I live in Colorado. I am married to an amazing man named Dan (couldn't be luckier) and I have an incredible Son and a super cute goldendoodle named Grisz. I am not only a stay at home Mom but an avid quilter.  I do not drink, smoke and find that working out is what keeps me sane. I run with a local running group,  have ran numerous races that include 5 marathons.  My goal is to get faster!!

I am the middle of the 3 Sisters. I live in Minnesota with my husband Bryan and my 4 children(baby #5 on the way). I am busy with taking the kids to school, dance, playdates, soccer, skiing, you name it we are doing it.  To keep me going I workout everyday at Kinetic Edge and run on the side.  Working out is what gives me peace of mind during my crazy week schedules.  My goal is to keep my family happy and healthy.

I am the youngest, not just of the 3 Sisters but of all 5 children.  I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Scott and our french bulldog Ivan.  I keep busy running my own clothing design business and staying active in NYC.  My love for running came when I first moved to NY, I am a huge advocate for at home workout videos.  I have ran 5 marathons and have many more planned for the future.  My goal is to eventually run an ultra marathon!

Like to ask us a question??  Just send us an email... alwaystrainingtrio@gmail.com
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