Monday, April 30, 2012

Eating Before a Race

As I prepare for race day I start to pay more attention to what is going down my tubes.  I realize it is a little early for the sodium filled V8 but I was having a craving so I had to go for it.  I will drink another one on Saturday.  Want to get me some sodium because it is supposed to get up to 70 and sunny on Sunday.

Today Ivan got fixed :( Poor little dude.  I took him in the morning and then picked him up at the end of the day.  This was him after.  He was so doped up that he didn't know what to do.  He couldn't even walk home.  He is heavy and so I got two arm workouts in today.

I am thinking about changing up what I eat before my race.  I usually eat about 3-4 graham crackers and that is it.  I am starting to think that is just not enough.  I am always paranoid about what to eat because I don't want to upset my stomach.  I know I should have figured this out sooner but oh well.  I am thinking a bagel? 



One of these Picky Bars.  I don't even know where to find one but I just read how SR ate one before her race and she is a rock-star so I am hoping it will have the same affect on me hehe.  J/k, only kinda :)

This week
Today- back and biceps
Tom- 6x400 repeats
Wed- legs
Thurs- 5 miles easy
Fri- 3 miles tempo marathon pace (still deciding what this is)
Sat- REST maybe go for a mile walk or something
Sunday Long Island Marathon WOOHOO!

So what do you eat before a big race?  Anyone have a sensitive stomach?  Eat anything special?


Friday, April 27, 2012

Runnin' in Skirts

Finally it's Friday!  Actually to be honest this week went by pretty fast for me but I am happy this it's Friday non the less.  I had great workouts this week, nailed my repeats and tempo.  Got in arms and legs and tomorrow I am out to do 10.  I don't want to jinx myself but it is a rare find to have such a great workout week and feeling good the whole time. 

Although I will say thank you to my beet juice because without it I don't know that I would be feeling so good. 

I also made my Healthy Bites!  I love them, they are so so good.  Thanks Cotter Crunch :)

 Question?  How do you feel about running skirts?  What do you love/hate about them?  I used to despise them until I actually wore one for the first time down at Disney.  I immediately fell in love.  This past Saturday for my long run I wore a running skirt again and I felt so good in my skin.  I felt girly and stylish instead of hot sweaty and smelly. I felt stronger as a running and  I will tell you that a lot more heads turn your way in a skirt which I didn't mind ;) 

So tell me, Do you wear running skirts?

Happy Friday Everyone!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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  • Monday, April 23, 2012

    Pink Hair

    Yep for the first time ever in my life I dyed my hair a color other than brown, black or blonde.  I went in to get my hair platinum over the weekend and decided to add a little pink.  Just for fun!  I mean you gotta live a little right?   It eventually washes out which is comforting to my Mother who thinks I am off my rocker.

    That being said I LOVE it and it will be perfect for my race in two weeks!

    With two weeks left before my marathon I really want to focus on eating the right stuff which means oatmeal with almond butter, banana and chia seeds in the morning.  Normally I am a toast and almond butter person but its time to start packing in the nutrients.

    Later today I am going to be making some Healthy Bites from the Cotter Crunch cookbook!  I have been waiting to make these for about 2 weeks because I was waiting to get my favorite protein powder Muscle Nog.  It finally came last weekend so I am all set. 

    Today I did 5x 800m repeats at 8.8 speed on the treadmill.  I am not really sure how fast that is.  I am new to the treadmill thing so I went with something that felt fast but bearable. 

    Tomorrow Arms
    Wed- 5 mile Tempo
    Thurs- 5 easy
    Friday- Legs
    Sat- 10 miles around 8:30 pace
    Sun- Rest :)

    How was your weekend?  Ever dye your hair a funky color?

    Happy Monday

    Friday, April 20, 2012


    SOOO I just wanted to show you a little sneak peek of the photoshoot last night.  It went so well and I am so happy with they way the photos are looking.  I am supposed to be keeping it all a secret but I just wanted to share a little.  These are just a couple of raw images.  I took a picture of the picture with my phone so that is why they are a little grainy.

    Can't wait to show you more!!

    Super tired this morning.  Just going to do back and biceps(P90X) and then I am off to get my hair done.  Blonde!  I am pretty excited about it.

    Any fun plans for the weekend?  Besides my hair I plan on enjoying the nice weather and relaxing.  Also thinking about getting a spray tan?

    Do you spray tan or do you think it's lame?  I don't really get them that often, actually almost never but with my new blonde hair I feel like I should be tanner?

    Have a great weekend!

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Strawberry Mint Seltzer

    Yesterday I made a Strawberry Mint Seltzer drink.  I got the idea from a POST that Hungry Runner Girl wrote.  It was in a magazine clip.  It said to blend fruit with seltzer water.  I was thinking what a great idea.  So this is how I did it.

    Washed the fruits.

    Throw it all in the blender and add seltzer.

    And Voila! Your very own real fruit seltzer drink.

    I would have to say it was pretty good. I will be making this again with all different kinds of fruit.

    Off to do my 5 miler.  How about you?  Running or Cross training day?


    Monday, April 16, 2012

    Great Weekend

    All in all I would have to say this past weekend was great. We had beautiful weather and it was Scott's 30th Birthday.  As for my running....well I was super busy so I didn't get all my miles in.  I ran....
    5 on Monday
    Legs Tuesday
    17(was supposed to be 20) on Wednesday
    Back and Biceps Thursday
    Friday (I was styling a commercial and had to be there early so no workout)
    4 on Sat which was supposed to be 5 but was too lazy to go the last mile
    Sunday rest

    So I missed 9 miles this past week.  oophs!  That's ok I am going to make up for it by going 8 tomorrow instead of 5.  I ate way too much this weekend and feel a little sick.

    Back to the eventful stuff!  Ivan got to play with Franklin the pig.  Joey is a friend of ours and this is his pig who hangs out in the back of the hardware store.  You can read more about him here.  He's pretty famous :)

    We spent a lot of time outside.  We even took Ivan on a motorcycle ride which was pretty awesome. I made Scott his favorite kind of cake.  Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and chilled it.  We ate it with ice cream.  Oh so good!

    Earlier in the day we ate at Jimmy's diner which was southern goodness.  Can you now see why I am going 8 tomorrow.  Yes I ate WAY too much this weekend.  Need to burn some cals!

    One thing we love to do is sit on the stoop of our apartment building and watch the people walk by.  The Flea market started here in Brooklyn and it is only a block down from us so there is a lot of people watching. PS not the best picture of us.  We just woke up from a 2 hour nap which is something else we like to do on Sundays :)

    Back to business.  I have 3 more weeks until my Long Island Marathon.  My longest run is over and this Saturday I will be doing 15.  I will try to throw in some tempos and repeats to keep my legs going but I am not focusing on a PR this time around because I have only had 6 weeks to train.  This one is for fun!

    Eating plan:  EAT MORE VEGGIES! Seriously was lacking this last past week and I can tell. Salad everyday I tell you.

    Tues- Arms
    Wed- 5
    Thurs- 5
    Friday- Arms
    Sat- 15
    Sun- Rest

    How about you guys?  How was your weekend?  Who is watching Boston today?  I AM!

    I am also watching Skinny Runner on her Man Up Week.  This women is truly inspiring!

    Happy Monday!

    Friday, April 13, 2012

    20 Turned into 17

     So Wednesday I headed out to do my 20 miler which I failed to mention that I was going to go and run it on the treadmill.  I think I left that part out because deep down I knew I was nuts for thinking I could run 18 on Saturday and then just 4 days later do it again but go 20 miles.  Needless to say I stopped at mile 17.  I could have gone the whole 20 but I just didn't want to.  My legs felt fine, but mentally I had checked out.  So 17 miles was it and I was happy with that. 

    This was my post workout pic at the gym.  I was surprisingly cold so I threw on my sweatshirt and jacket.  Can't you tell how happy I am with myself.  Ha!

    Yesterday I had to head into the city to have a meeting about a commercial shoot I am styling today. Their office was right by Grand Central which is great because they have Two Boots Pizza which I LOVE and I never get it.  So I had a slice of the Larry Tate and a pop.  It was a real treat.  I was tempted to get a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery because it was right there and smelled so good but decided to go without.

    But more importantly what is really on my mind is finding some new Cacti for our apartment.  They are my favorite and I really want a tall one like in the picture below on the right side of the couch.  Don't you just love this setup?  I wish my living room looked like this.  Someday :)  Anyways this photo was posted on Design Sponge. It is the new offices of Refinery 29.  Isn't it great....   So this is what I will be doing Saturday.  Looking for this plant.

    Have a great weekend!


    Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    Pre-Long Run Fuel

    What do you eat the day before your long run? I am running my long run(20) today because the rest of my week is pretty busy. So yesterday I tried to eat good.  I try to eat good everyday but I pay even more attention if I am running long the next day.

    Starting off with my breakfast of oatmeal, chia seeds, almond butter, banana and cinnamon.

    For lunch I had sushi but forgot to take a photo.  I had 3 pieces of salmon sushi with brown rice and a tuna avocado roll with brown rice.  I am not gonna lie, I was still hungry after this so on my way back to the train I went past this soft serve fruit place.  I had the frozen banana with peanut butter, pretzels and chocolate chips on top.  It is delish! 

    For dinner I made a new recipe from my new cookbook THE FEED ZONE.  I made the chicken fried rice which apparently is Lance Armstrong's favorite post workout meal.  It was way good and super easy.

    And that's it!  ......... no I ate more :)  I had grahams and milk followed by frosted flakes in my cup of leftover milk.  I always need a sweet treat after dinner.

    So we will see how it goes. I am off to do 20.

    What do you eat before a long run?  Anything special or just play it casual and eat the usu?



    Monday, April 9, 2012

    Easter Weekend and a Baby

    I would have to say that this was one of the better weekends. My morning started off with 18 miles on the treadmill which normally I would want to keel over and die from but it was actually a great run.  I also ate a Lara Bar on this run to test it out and it wasn't too bad.

    Next up I am trying to be part of Cotter Crunch's Adventurous April.  So I tried these Go Raw Lemon Super Cookies.  They are actually pretty good.  Next time I will try their original flavor.

    I also tried this new Grape Chia Seed drink.  Ok it's good.....but I don't totally love it.  I don't love Kombucha a whole bunch so this was better than that but still similar.  There is Kombucha in it too.

    We had a super low key Easter which was great.  I made biscuits and gravy and we ate that around 2 in the afternoon.  Then about an hour later we continued eating.  WAY TOO much food yesterday.  Luckily the weather was super nice so we took an evening walk.  And then ate some more :))

     But the most exciting thing that happened this weekend is that Heather had her baby!!!!  Francis Ann Mullin was born Friday night.  She is so adorable and I can't wait to get to MN to meet her for myself.  All of her kids love her and want to hold her all the time. So cute!  Henry who is 5 insists on being by her side everywhere she goes.  I just can't get over how adorable her whole family is and I am so excited for them!  This is her crabby face below. She is just too cute!


    How was your weekend?  Anything fun or crazy happen? 

    Did you get out for a run?  How was it?


    Friday, April 6, 2012

    Question on Google

    So I just have a quick little post for your Good Friday.  I am doing a little research on google.  The questions is....

    If you were looking for a running skirt but didn't have a particular brand in mind, what would you search for in Google?  Would you describe what you were looking for or would you just type in running skirts?

    Comment below and let me know what you would say?

    Happy Good Friday!


    Also Thanks Cotter Crunch for the shout out today!  You can check out her blog HERE!!

    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    Gu replacement Bars

    Monday- Easy 5
    Tues- Back and Biceps
    Wed- 5 mile Tempo on treadmill with 1.0 incline (running faster on a treadmill seems harder?)
    Thursday - Easy 5
    Friday- Shoulders and Arms
    Saturday - 18 miles

     I wanted to blog sooner but this week has gotten away with me and I have been crazy busy.  First off we rescued this poor little pup who was being abandon because the owner was moving into a place that did not allow pets.  She had just bought her from the pet store about 2 weeks ago.  She is only 4 months old so we took her home hoping that Ivan would get along with her.......

    Ivan did NOT get along with her.  He is 8 months now and we are getting him neutered at the end of this month which means he is getting a little on the frisky side.  I could not leave these two alone for more than 1 min before Ivan would try to pounce on the poor girl which would end up turning into a fight between the two.  NOT good I tell you.  So there was that.....

    And then I recently did a Sale on with my other job and it was a huge success so I have been have been shipping stuff out like a mad women.  The picture below is not even all of it.  More and more.  The sale is going on for 5 more days.  

     But on to a more pressing matter at hand. My sister Jen and I have been on the search to find the best Gu replacement out there.  We are both sick of Gu's and many of those other types of race day carbo packets to keep you going.  She texted me last night saying that she might try breaking up a Lara bar and eating during her run.  I thought that was a great idea. Kind Bars are my favorite, I love eating them and there are so many options, so I thought I might try it too. You can read up more about the difference between Lar bars and Kind bars HERE.

    Have you every tried to replace your Gu with a bar?  If so what worked or didn't work for you?

    Does a Treadmill ever seem harder than running outside?


    Monday, April 2, 2012

    Juicing, Why I Love It

     I have had a few people asking me about juicing.  The recipes I use and is it really all that great?
    My husband Scott and I started to juice back in December.  It was after we watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  A documentary about one man's battle to get healthy and he did so by being on a juice fast for 60 days.  He documented the whole thing.  He was over weight and had to take many medications when he started and by the time he was done he was at a healthy weight and got rid of ALL of his meds!  That was it. We were hooked.

    To maintain a healthy lifestyle we are supposed to eat 3 servings of fruit and 4 servings of veggies everyday according to the Mayo Clinic.  Although that may not seem like a difficult task it can be easy to skip out on some of those veggies. 

    I went through and rounded up some of the pros and cons of juicing....

    -Loss of Fiber. You loose the fiber when you are only extracting the juice and it is important to have a high fiber diet to stay healthy.

    -Can lead to food born illness because you are drinking raw veggies that can harbor pathogens that will make you very sick. This is a risk you take when you eat any raw fruit or vegetable that have not been washed.  Even washing won't always kill what is growing there.

    -High is sugar, yes it is true you are drinking a juice that has a high sugar content and even though the sugars are coming from real foods it will still spike your blood sugar level.


    -Getting all of your servings of fruit and veggies in one single glass.

    - Drinking juices like Beet juice can stimulate the liver which helps to eliminate stored toxins.

    - Helps fight the seasonal mood slump and brightens your skin.

    - It has heart healthy and has cancer protection benefits.

    -Helps with gastrointestinal health as well as eases gallstones and indigestion. 

    -The list can go on and on.....

    I recently read THIS article from Ayurvedic about juice cleanses. I also copied the paragraph below for you to read.

    "Great combo for Spring is beets, radish, cilantro, parsley, carrot, and celery. Beet juice is particularly effective at stimulating the liver. This allows the body to eliminate stored toxins caused by a poor diet and sometimes by prolonged use of antibiotics. While carrots help fight seasonal mood slump and brightens up the skin. Ayurveda also recommends adding some spices to boost the effects of juices and make them less Vata aggravating. Good juice additions are ginger, black pepper, aloe vera gel, and curcumin. Curcumin for example has been shown to prevent and/or cure cancer in laboratory tests. It is used to cleanse the liver, as an anti-inflammatory, to bolster the skin, heart and lungs, to purify the body and mind, and in the treatment of food poisoning, ease gallstones and indigestion. It helps balance cholesterol levels, boosts the immunity system, and modern research has found it beneficial in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Try it in a carrot juice!"

    I will be honest juice can not always taste like the best thing ever but I promise that the more and more you drink it you will find your favorites and grow to love them.  Scott and I try to stick to mostly veggies to avoid too much sugar.  We use the Compact Breville Juicer and buy ALL ORGANIC produce!  Here are some of our favorites that will make two large servings.

    Beet Juice
    1 Beet
    1 Pink Lady Apple
    4 Sticks of Celery
    6 Carrots
    2 Thumbs Sizes of Ginger (we LOVE ginger)
    1 Lemon(we don't always add the lemon)

    Kale Juice
    1 Bunch of Kale
    1 Pink Lady Apple
    3 Sticks of Celery
    6 Carrots
    2 Thumbs of Ginger
    (We will also swap the Kale for Spinach to switch it up)

    Carrot Juice
    10 Carrots
    2 Thumbs of Ginger

    It is true that you do go through a lot of produce.  We don't have a dish washer so cleaning it is not hard but not fun either.   But in the end it is something we truly believe in and love drinking everyday.  It is part of our routine.  I instantly feel better and energized after my juice.  I just wish I could have 2 a day if I knew I didn't have to do the dished again ;))

     This was my beet juice that I drank last night.  It was just so so good.

    So that's it!  Juice and why I love it so much!  And in other exiting news Retro Fitness just opened up 4 blocks from my place and it is only 20 bucks a month.  Awesome!  Today was my first day there.  5 on the treadmill.  

    So tell me, Do you guys juice?  If so what are your favorites? 

    Treadmill or Outdoors?  I normally am all about the outdoors but I am getting a little sick of my daily routes.  TV time on the treadmill.


    Want to read more about juicing?  Check it out Here and Here.

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