Monday, October 31, 2011

6 days to go....

Well I didn't end up running on Saturday because it was just to cold and rainy/snowy outside.  I made the excuse that I didn't want to catch a cold or ruin my new shoes.  I didn't run on Sunday either.  It was still a little slushy out and the new shoe thing was really keeping me strong from not going. :)

This what it looked like outside on Saturday.

I did however, venture out to buy my Chia Charger butter.  
Love it!  It is way good in my oatmeal and on toast.

So finally today I headed out for my last 10 miler.  Mile 1 was my warm up along with mile 2 because I was climbing up a bridge and then 3 is a little speedy because I was coming down the other side of the bridge, coasting into a 7:55 pace. I felt pretty good for the most part.  It wasn't until about mile 7.5 that I felt like I was finally into the groove of things.  I think that is what happens when I worry too much about getting into the right pace.  When I know I have more time to warm up I don't stress as much about getting into my 8s. 

My 10 miler today.

I checked the weather forcast and it says the high on Sunday will be 60 degrees which will be perfect.  It is still a little early to tell so I am not going to get my hopes up.  I am going to hit up the expo on either Thursday or Friday to get my race bib and bag.  I am debating on getting something new to wear??  I go back and forth.  It is nice to have something new but at the same time I don't really need more running clothes.  We shall see.  I plan on wearing shorts, my knee high compression socks and a tank with arm warmers that I can rip off when I get hot.

I think the thing that I am most excited about it I have only ONE MORE TRACK workout and ONE MORE TEMPO workout!!  Woot! Woot! Woot! Woot!  Yep cannot wait. 

Wednesday I will do - 6x400s at 1:35-1:39

Friday I will do - 1 mile easy and 2 miles at 8:00

Sunday 26.2 at 8:00-8:23 pace!!!!

So what do you think?  New clothes or wear something I already have?


Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 more days....

It is 43 degrees right now and raining.  Later today it is going to turn into 2"-4" of snow.  I woke up at 7 AM to run my last 10 miler at an 8:00 min pace and it is now 8:23 and I have yet to leave.  The cold windy rain outside is quickly changing my mind.  Not sure if I will run today, I might just save it for tomorrow.

Me and the Pups

It is funny because usually when I taper I am itching to get out and run every chance that allows but no, not this time.  In fact I wouldn't mind skipping this run all together but I won't.

I will be honest, I was excited about this race for about a week and it quickly faded to a less enthusiastic feeling.  I have trained hard but my last 20 miler was brutal, in fact about a week ago all my runs were slowing down and were painful so I finally bought new shoes which I think is helping but has made me second guess if I can really run a 3:40 or less marathon.

I am supposed to be on the Staten Island ferry at 5:45 AM and I don't start running till 10:10 AM.  Not looking forward to that. 

But to prep I have been eating tons and tons of chia seeds.  Even made THESE chia seed cookies that are more like a granola bar.  Probably because I substituted one stick of butter for apple sauce. I have also been eating lots of oatmeal and squash.  And today I am going to buy  Chia Seed Charger almond butter that I read about on Carrots 'N' Cake.

I am trying super hard to be excited again about this race.  Praying that it doesn't snow or rain or be windy the day of.  The truth is that in the end there is always more races and I am going to try my hardest to be optimistic about this one.  I think the training wore me out and I am ready for it to be over.

So what do you think, run in the rain today or save it for tomorrow and pray it doesn't snow 4"?

Is everyone who is running NYC feel ready?

Happy Halloweekend!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost there.....

Ok so, I am sure you have already noticed that we the ATTrio have been so bad about blogging!  The fall is underway and things have been busy.  This is what I have been up to along with my training.  Meet Ivan!  Scott and I bought this little Frenchie about 2 weeks ago.  He will be 11 weeks tomorrow and we love him!!  He has definitely kept me busy making sure he doesn't chew, pee or poop on anything he is not supposed to. 

While I am not training I have already began working on my new Fall 2012 collection!  You can see a little of my inspiration behind me.  I am already loving it!

Down to training with the Run Less Run Faster plan.  You guys, I only have one 20 miler left this Saturday at an 8:15 pace.  Then 3 weeks of taper.  Yep!  3 weeks people!!  I can't believe that NYC is almost here!!  I am getting anxious and nervous, the self doubt is already starting to creep in.  Yes the plan has worked like a dreadful charm.  It has been tough but definitely working! If you want to get faster I highly recommend this training plan.  I am no longer switching it up between the 3:30 and 3:40 plan, I am full on the 3:30 plan. I feel good, my legs are pain free and I can run strong.  Hoping to really stick to 8:15 pace tomorrow (not any faster) and come home strong. 

I also just got another shipment of Muscle Nog!!  Thank goodness because I love this stuff and it will be my perfect protein recovery drink for tomorrow.

I am also a Fan of INGMarathon on Facebook and they are really starting to get everyone excited!  Just downloaded the handbook.  Woot! Woot!!  Almost there!!

How is everyone?  Any big races coming up?  Did anyone run Chicago?  How was it?


Monday, October 10, 2011


I went for a run this has been WAY to long.  I haven't had the energy the past 5 weeks to workout more then 3 times a week.  And by workout I mean getting up at 5am to get to a 5:30 gym class.  The classes are all strength training.  Not much cardio.  I have been really craving some cardio.

(one of the hills)

Today I woke up feeling pretty good.  I got my running clothes on and got out the door fast before I changed my mind.  I left my Garmin and Shuffle at home.  I just wanted to run depending on how I felt.  It felt great.  I walked up the hills which was ok since I didn't want to over do it.  I went 4 miles.  I hope that I am turning the corner and that I will be able to get out and run more often again...before the weather changes.  But we have had some awesome weather around here.  The temp was 60 when I set out this morning.

(trying to show you all my 12 week bump)

In other news I cut more off my hair this weekend.  I don't know what it is about me when I get pregnant I always cut my hair.  Remember when I cut 9 inches off this summer?  I had now gotten to the point where it was either grow it out or cut it... I was at a kids event not to long ago and was looking around at all the moms hair... yes weird I know.  Anyways they were all sporting long hair... some had put some curls in it some just going with the straight look.  I thought how boring.. I don't want to look like everyone else.  So chop chop... it is off.  And I must say I am really loving how it turned out.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Running and my other hobby

All three of us Heather, Sarah and I (Jen) have been so busy lately we have barely had a moment to sit down and chat with each other let alone update our blog as often as we'd like. But I am forcing myself to sit down create a calm for myself and do a little blogging. I always find inspiration through all of you bloggers out there and am excited to tell you what I have been up to.

My FIRST training plan for the International California Marathon Dec. 4th has been going good. Knock Knock... that is me knocking on wood. I haven't had too many complaints. I occasionally feel a little tired but then I typically either try to get more sleep, eat more spinach or back off on a cross training day and I seem to bounce back. My workouts this week are as follows.

Monday: NOTHING! I did nothing
Tuesday: 2 sets of 6x400's with 1:30 minute recovery after each 400 with a 3 minute recovery between each set.
    -This workout went well. My slowest 400 was 1:32 with my fastest being 1:27 but I pretty much was right at 1:30-1:31 the entire time.
Wednesday: Today I went on a 19 mile bike with my great girlfriend Stef.  She always kicks my butt but it felt good to have a nice warm ride.  Last week we rode but it was so cold I had to come home and take a 30 minute shower just to raise my body temp.... freezing!

Thursday: Tempo Day. 6 miles with a 2 mile warmup, 2 miles a pace (for me 7:30 or so) and then a 1 mile cool down.

Friday: Total conditioning.
Saturday: 18 miles and I haven't decided yet what pace I will run... slower but not too slow.

How is training for everyone else going??!!

Anywhoo onto my other hobby. A good friend of mine and I love to make quilts. We like to go find cute fabric, cut it up, sew it together and then slap it onto my Long-arm quilting machine and find a cool pattern to quilt on top of it. So this year, we have decided to sell some of our quilts. So for the last few weeks I have spent pretty much all of my free time in my quilting room quilting! Check out our store Jenny M's Quilt Company and let me know what ya think. =)

This is my quilting bud Meredith and I sitting next to Jack Nicholson, is he real or wax... I will never tell.

My Quilting room. I realize it needs some decorations... someday. And yes, that is my bike that I keep inside because I am crazy like that. And those are weights. Trying to fit in my strength is still a chore. Doing bicep curls while watching that huge machine quilt is sometimes the only chance I get to get in strength!

Only "some" of what I have been working on. We are madly quilting around here lately. 

Is anyone elses life out there CRAZY lately?

What are your other hobbies?

Happy Running... and quilting... -Jen
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