Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stillwater Half Marathon

Woke up at 4:30.  The race started at 7 and had to be there around 5:30 to get on the bus to the start line. It was a little cool that morning so I wore a long sleeve until I had to drop my bag.   I also ran the first time in a Lululemon running skirt.  I really liked it.  There are black shorts built in under the skirt.  Way more fun than shorts.

The race was good.  The weather was perfect.  60 and overcast.  I felt good the entire time with only little knee pain.  I started out very slow.  I think I could have started a little quicker and then I could have got under my goal of under 2 hours.  I still remind myself that this run was just for a practice race before the marathon and try not to give myself a hard time.

I ended strong.  And had a great cheer team waiting for me that the finish line.  I love these people.

Here are the results.  

Do you like shorts or running skirts?

If you prefer shorts, which ones do you like the best?  I find that a lot of shorts balloon out and I don't like that.  I think this is why I like my skirt so much.

Now I just need to convince my sisters to wear a skirt for Grandma's marathon.

If you do like running skirts let us know which brand you like the best?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Bolder Boulder Run down

Today I ran the bestest 10k in the world.  The Bolder Boulder.  Over 55000 people run this puppy and it includes a super fast jet flyover and some crazy parachuters that come and land right in Folsom Field.  It also includes some amazingly fast professional runners from all over the world. It really makes me happy that I can participate.  Here are some photo ops and the breakdown.

Some of my Running Bestest Buds

 Me and my hubs.. he of course beat me coming in at 46:03 with NO TRAINING AT ALL. Men... seriously. I am going to have to keep getting faster until I can beat him. Although, I did smoke him on our last 1/2.

Here is the breakdown:

PreRace dinner: Slow roasted pulled pork with homemade BBQ sauce and cole slaw. DELICIOUS. Fruit, some amazing baked beans and some chocolate cake.  YUM.

Breakfast: Combo of Frosted Mini Wheats, Grape Nuts cereal with Shot bloks about 1/2 before the race.

I turned off my average mile pace and so my watch never ever kept the splits! So all I have is the time off of the website. (next time I will not do this... )

My garmin did say 6.29 Miles. Also, according to there website I ran a 48:45 and my watch said 48:46... so there ya go! The official time is better and I'll take it =)

Mile Splits:
8:07-(I wish I would have had my avg mile pace here, I would have gone faster I am sure...... I only had total overall pace and instant pace... next time I know better I suppose)

So I am happy although that third mile I would have wanted under 8 for sure, and I do feel like I would have pushed it a little more in those middle miles if I actually knew what my average pace was per mile instead of overall. I kept thinking, well my overall pace says like 7:50 so I guess I am doing ok....I know I will pick it up on that downhill mile. For those of you who don't know mile 4-5 is totally downhill. I am actually surprised that my last mile was faster because of that 4th mile downhill.  Oh well, I am not complaining. =)

The other thing that was uber special about this race is that fact that my parents, brother and niece all ran/walked it as well.  Nothing is more fun then watching your family members conquer something like this.  YAY for my family. We rule.

Here is my AMAZING FAMILY! I hope we can all do it again together.... hmmm the Disney Marathon.... hint hint.

Happy Memorial Day All - Jen

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shade Run and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Do you guys have any fun plans this weekend?  I actually scheduled this post ahead of time because I am camping with Scott in Cape May, NJ.  It is our first camping trip of the season.

While doing my 17 miles the other day (which turned out to be 16 because I was so burnt out I couldn't go any further) I thought of this commercial.  The sun was beating down on me and I was running in the shade every chance I got.

So this is my way of saying.....  Happy Summer!  Here is to a wonderful season of shade running!

I also wanted to share with you my Run With Me playlist.  This what I have been listening to on my long runs.  You can listen to it below or go to this LINK and bookmark it! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Blast from the past

I was over at my moms the other day and she was scanning in old pictures.  This beauty is from Jens early years.  My mom was always good at keeping us moving and grooving.  Jen roller skated and this was her partner...good times..


Burnt Out and Giveaway Winner

And the winner is.....


Please send us an email with your info to claim your iTunes GC at  alwaystrainingtrio@gmail.com

On the other hand, I am feeling it... My legs are tired... I am tired.  And I am getting a little sick of running my same trails over and over.  After the half marathon I am running this weekend I am going to MAJOR taper.  Hopefully that will bring the strength back in my legs before the big race.  Along with feeling burnt out I just have not been feeling like cooking.  So thursday night my girls had dance for a couple hours at the same time (rare occasion) my husband traveling and I just had my youngest George with me.  I decided that we were going to hit up Panera.

George did not want Panera.  He wanted to go next door to the bar that had live music playing outside.


Once he got inside and he picked the sunniest table he could find.  Set up his cars he was good.

I ordered an asian salad.  It was alright . George had mac and cheese with chips.  Way better then making something at home.

I had a little time still so I went home and glued some stones on the dance shirts.  I was never very good at this.  Good thing I love my kids otherwise that would not be my choice activity.  More like a nap.

After I got my girls we stopped at Target.  Always spend way to much!!  

I worked out at 5:30am this morning.  It was good.  Did some Kettlebells.  But still feeling so burnt out!!
How can I get out of this slump??  Anyone else get like this towards the end of the training?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to do?

Today I went on my last 20 miler before Grandmas. YAY! IT felt good. But I was kind of wondering because yesterday I went out to lunch with my dear sweet Grandparents and my Gramps wanted McDonalds..... so, thats where we went. I figure they have lived long lives and deserve to eat lunch wherever they want.

I think they are just cutie's!

I decided that instead of getting the cheeseburger meal (which is typically my choice, I tried to health it up a notch and go with the crispy chicken sandwich....I thought, I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow?) Yes I still had fries because I really don't think I could actually go into McDonald and not eat fries...

Prior to meeting them I made my way to the gym for my swim class. (Which I am still loving! I highly recommend it.  Get in the pool people, it feels great.) But before I hopped in the pool I went up to try and lift some weights....but then I looked and realized that I have no idea how to use ANY of this equipment.  I typically do a barbell class which is similar to body pump so someone is telling me what to do the whole time.  Every time I try to attempt strength on my own I end up walking around like someone who is lost and although I do actually figure a few things out I am never sore after...feels kind of pointless.

If it wasn't for classes or at home workout videos I am sure my strength would be Nada.  Any suggestions on how to do strength on your own and actually feel like you did something??  Please help.

 Then last night I decided for my carb dinner I'd cook pizza on the grill.  Thanks Tyler Florence.  I have used this recipe several times and I am never disappointed.  There is something very thrilling about throwing dough onto the grill and watching it cook!  I dunno. try it, let me know your thoughts =)

And here I am trying to take a morning self portrait of myself before I start.  I had two girlfriends meet me for the first 12 and they were willing to get there butts outta bed and by at my house by 4:30! I have the best friends....I tried my new arm warmers and although I felt they were too big, they still totally worked and I felt like I was perfectly happy with my body temp. Hello Spring, YAY.

And again, here I am after the run.  It felt good. After feeling all overdone I am happy to report this run went smoothly and I feel like I am ready to give Grandmas a real run for her money!  I hope to be tough that day....any advice on how to be tough?  I am only tough sometimes....

So here is what I am looking for.....

How do you stay tough during the last miles of a marathon?

What do you do when you see a sea of strength machines?

A specific workout would RULE, and FYI, we are going to be putting a workout page up with all the different plans and workouts we do so that if you are looking to spice it up, we can tell ya what worked for us =)

When you eat at Mcdonalds can you pass on the fries?
So far, I cannot.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the giveaway..... itunes gift cards cannot be ignored.  It would be silly to do so.

Happy Running all -Jen

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Working out in your home/apt!

I have been working out in my apartment for almost 4.5 years.  I joined a gym once or twice but couldn't justify the bill when I could just do it from home.  First off, the best place to workout is outside!  Along with running I also live near a local track (not a high school track) which means it is there whenever I need it.  Not everyone has access to a track so sometimes I will go to a park with a basket ball court and do different plyo type exercises to change it up.

As far as working out inside my apartment this is the best set up I came up with.  Not always having tons of space you may have to get creative.  As you can see below I place my laptop on the table which will play my workout videos and on the TV I will usually watch the Today show (cuz I love it) or whatever else might be on.  Bachlorette??  I put my yoga mat on the floor and there you go!  Yes I admit sometimes it is not always the greatest but I don't have to worry about hopping on the train to get to my gym and then back home.  Takes way too much time, this way I can basically crawl out of bed, BLOG and then workout.

This is me doing my Tracy Anderson moves. I will do Tracy videos, P90x, Yoga, really any kind of workout video I can get my hands on will be done right here in front of my TV.

Another idea that you might try to look up is non-profit classes.  The place that I go to for yoga is called Hosh Yoga and it is non-profit.  There is a suggested $10 donation at the end but feel free to pay what you can.  I only need to go yoga once a week and I love this place.  Everyone is really chill and laid back.  No need to worry about being inflexible because everyone there is just happy to be there. So off to yoga I go....


Today I was starving when I got home and even tho it was lunch time I couldn't resist my cereal mix. Multigrain Cheerios, GrapeNuts and Granola with Almond Milk and sliced Banana.  Yum!  I could really eat cereal all day but I try to limit it to 1 bowl a day. maybe 2 :)

 Last night we were having perfect weather so Scott and I walked out to the pier. About 2 block from where we live.  I had him take a picture of me with the Williamsburg Bridge in the background.  That is the bridge I run over every time I go running.  It is about 1.25 miles over.  Most of the time I dread going up, especially at the end of my run and I have to get back over.  The Hill!  Arg, it is really a love hate thing. 

So even if you belong to the gym and just don't feel like making the track you can always always workout at home. 

Do you like working out from home?

What workout video is your favorite?

Cereal Mix? 


Health Week and Muscle Nog

Did you guys know that it is Health Week?  Well at least it is Health Week here in NYC.  I feel like most of the time I am pretty healthy but yes I am only human and slip up sometimes.   So I wanted to share what I have been eating this week.  A lot of pictures, sometimes I think I take too many but I just can't help myself.

The breakdown...I got this delicious recipe from Bites and Bliss!  Her Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread. It is so good.  And actually not that bad for you, or so I think.  It is made with whole wheat flour and 2 tbs of brown sugar and 2 tbs of white sugar.  Other stuff too but not nearly as much sugar that is in most banana bread. 

Since I never make banana bread, I have to enjoy it.  So this morning after my workout I toasted it with Almond butter and sliced banana.  So good!


Now to MUSCLE NOG!  Do you guys like egg nog?  Well I don't!  At all, so I was skeptical when my husband brought this home.  He loves egg nog.  Muscle Nog is actually made by a family friend.  It is the only nutritionally complete 100% bioavailable egg protein on the planet.  Basically it is just like a protein shake only better.  One serving is 2 scoops which equals 110 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 0 sugar and 20 grams of PROTEIN.  The flavor that we have is called 'Nilla Nog.  Yes, I was very skeptical but gave it a try this morning.  It was de-lish!!

See how happy my husband Scott is after drinking it!  It just makes his day!!  He wanted me to make sure I took a picture of how he mixes it.  Do you have a frothier??  If you don't and you drink any kind of protein shake or vitamin drink this is way better than using a spoon.  Add powder, half milk, start to mix and add the rest of the milk.  Voila!  No lumps!!

We both had a great morning really.  Scott had to get his motor bike inspected because we are going camping this weekend. Can't wait! And so he got to sleep in a little which meant more time to hang in the morning.  So after I work out I take my Advocare supplements.  I like taking them and because they are great for your body and Heather is a rep so I get a killer deal.  Oh and I love SPARK!!  Yay for Advocare.  Spark is what helps me get out the door for my morning runs.


Back to being healthy, I made turkey burgers with sweet potato fries and a tomato mozzarella salad.  The burgers were so good.  I put crumbled blue cheese on top with sliced tomato and avocado on a whole wheat english muffin. I know sweet potato fries are not the best for you but portion control right?! Plus it is tough to get my man to eat those sweet things so if I want them, its gots to be a compromise.  See my plate.  One burger and small amount of fries....then below that would be Scott's.  He is 6'4" and is a lean mean muscle machine so I guess he needs more fuel for his body.

Oh and today I hit up Trader Joe's!  Watermelon for 3.99! I know this sounds crazy but heavy things cost a lot in NY so if I were to buy this watermelon at my local grocery store it would have cost around 15-20 bucks!  Holy Moly, right??  Anyways, I think I could eat my weight in watermelon.  Just sit me down with a salt shaker and this bag and it will be gone by tomorrow :)

Last but definitely not least.  These are my two most favorite desserts from Traders.  Chocolate covered banana slices and Mochi mango ice.  If you live near by a Trader Joe's you must try these.

Ok so I am kinda healthy.....

My workout schedule for the week.  (I am now tapering, Woot! So I cut down to 3 days running a week)

Sunday- Rest
Monday- Ran 10
Tuesday- Tracy Anderson Design series disc 2 (about 50 mins)
Wed (today)- Yoga 75 mins
Thursday -17 miles
Friday- 8 miles
Saturday Sunday Monday- Rest Gone Camping!!

Do you guys salt your fruit??
Yes I totally do, I just love it.  I even salt my ice cream!!! 

What is your favorite thing to buy at the grocery store?
Besides desserts from TJ's I like to buy cereal.  Cereal just makes me happy.

Yay or Nay to protien shakes??
I am all for it if they taste good.

Oh and PS...If you are interested in trying either the Muscle Nog or Advocare stuff just shoot me and email at alwaystrainingtrio@gmail.com

And one last thing, I promise.  Don't forget to sign up for our awesome GIVEAWAY!  Winner will be chosen Friday!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost Free and Free

Yesterday we offered our first giveaway, a $30 iTunes gift card.  Today I saw Amazon.com (MP3 Store) was selling Lady Gaga’s new album (Born this way) for 99 cents, but it looks like it’s up to $6.99 now. I couldn’t find it for 99 cents? 

And not only that but iTunes and Nike are offering the Nike+ GPS app free for a limited time.

I am going to pick-up these good deals.

Traveling Workouts

My work requires me to travel occasionally.  Ok. It's a lot.  Heather is always jealous of the variety of scenery that I get to enjoy on my runs when I travel, so she asked if I would do a guest blog on one of my trips.  

It may seem like the life of luxury to jet off across oceans for days at a time, but let me tell you it wreaks havoc on a workout schedule.  Luggage space is too tight to pack enough workout clothes.  Especially since you don't want to slap sweaty used stuff right on top of your dress shirts; only side pockets will do.  There are unknown roads and trails, and the weather can mix you up.  Last, and not insignificant, are the time-zone changes.  When you are used to working out at a certain time every day your body really becomes accustom to that time.   

But....it can be pretty fun too.  It's nice to do a little site seeing in a new city.  Or even check out a city you've been to before, but just never had the chance to look around.  I was in London for three days last week, and thought I would document my three workouts ATT style.  Here goes!

First the obligatory self-portrait.  Lame.  I know.  But they wouldn't let me post without it.  

My garb is appropriately bland so I can blend in with the complacent Europeans and avoid terrorists.   This shot was also taken at about 6AM London time....which is Midnight body-clock time.  Not exactly prime workout hours.

I stayed at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, which also happens to be right next to Hyde Park, one of the better running spots in towne.  The shot on the left is the entrance to the park by my hotel.  The building on the right is the Kuwaiti Embassy for all you Kuwaiti-ATT-Followers out there.  

It was a little chilly, around 50 or so, but perfect for a long run.  (And "long" is always relative when you're traveling, especially if you have early meetings.)  I planned to run twice around the park, which was going to be about 8 miles.  First ran West on the south side of the park.  Here is the shot facing West. 

I passed a lot of runners, even though only one shows up in this picture.  And I was shocked at their loud colored attire.  I got to the West end of the park, turned North, and ran right into the gates of Kensington Palace....

It's ok, I guess.  :)   For all you insanely curious people out there, like me... It was built in 1605, and purchased in 1689 by King William III and Mary II.  William had asthma, and wanted a home away from the river, and the air around Kensington was "deemed very good Air."  It was!  I took some deep breaths just to make sure.   Both William and Mary died at this palace.  Mary from small pox at 32 and a few years later William fell off his horse in the park, broke his collar bone and died at the palace about a week later. 

After my first lap around, it was after 6am and horses were out for exercise.  Hope those riders hold on tight....

On my way back around, I was a little more alert.  (Thanks to my deliciously warm chocolate GU!  Sorry ladies. I hate them cold.)  But my kick of energy reminded me to snap a picture of Royal Albert Hall, and some big gold-topped thing in front of it too.  You can read about the Hall here.  http://www.royalalberthall.com/about/default.aspx 

Finished up back at the "Baarkly" Hotel (that's how the locals say it)....and found my awesome Bruno Magli's freshly shined waiting on my room door.  Can't beat that.  Time check: a little after 1am body-clock time.  Time to go to work. 

That was the glamour run....here is the grit.  The first day it was raining and I ripped off 8 miles from the window view in the fitness center.  The run was as boring as this picture.  I promise.

Last day.  Thought I'd be adventurous and head the opposite direction toward Green Park and St. James Park.  Green Park is not as cool as Hyde Park, but still nice.
Here are a few quick pics, but then I better wrap this novel up so the Trio invite me back.  The one on the left is of Hyde Park Corner.  Kind of a pain to cross the roundabout.  The pic on the right is of St. James Park.  St. James is the coolest, and I would've stayed longer there, but it's not very big and I would've had to run around it about 10 times.  

So that was my trip.  Have any of you traveled anywhere cool for workouts?  Any good trails I should know about?  Happy Traveling Workouts!

Monday, May 23, 2011

iTunes $30 Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!

Everyone has been seeming to feel slightly overdone when it comes to training lately. A few weeks ago one of the things I did to get out of that funk was spend some time buying new songs on iTunes.  As sisters we all LOVE iTunes and spend lots of time trying to find new songs to spice up the playlist.

So needless to say we decided to share some love and send one lucky reader a $30 dollars iTunes gift card!!! Do you want it???  Silly question right. Well a drawing will be held this Friday May 27th and in order to have your name entered into the bowl here is what you gotta do.

The number of things you complete will allow you that many multiple entries in the drawing.

1. Tell readers about our giveaway on YOUR blog
2. Leave a comment and let us know what song you'd purchase first. (only 1 comment per person)
4. Like us on facebook
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6. Become a Follower on this blog

So if you do all 6, your name will be entered up to 3 times into the bowl.  Good luck and may the luckiest reader win!

May we all come out of slumps and over training humps.  Enjoy the tunes...  Jen, Heather and Sarah

*Disclaimer: If more than 3 comments are entered by any one person, it will not effect the conclusion of the drawing.  So only 3 comments my friends!! Also, you need a valid email address as you will be receiving this gift via email.
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