Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie and a Snack

Bryan and I go out one night every weekend without the kids. We do something different every weekend. In the summer we love to go for runs on our date night. In the winter we either head out to the Mall of America to walk around or go to a movie.

Last weekend we got a late start so we picked a movie. We had only a half hour before the movie started. We had not eaten dinner yet either and we both knew if we didn't eat a little something we would totally pig out on popcorn and candy at the movie. So we decided to grab some take out from Pei Wei. We got the Sesame Chicken to share and some Edamame. We ate the chicken in the car while we drove very fast... but not to fast to the theater. With no time to eat the Edamame I had the great idea to sneak them into the theater in my purse! And what a great snack they were=)

Totally good for you and after eating the entire box I didn't feel guilty at all!! Nor did I feel bloated from stuffing my face with salty popcorn.

We did have to get a little something sweet so Bryan picked Sour Patch kids but over all a great night.

We saw Country Song. It was pretty good. Go see it and sneak in Edamame for a snack. I promise you will love it.

1 comment:

  1. Pei Wei sounds delicious!!! Good call Heather =)


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