Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Fever

Is it just me or are you guys ready for winter to be OVER! Usually the New York winters are moderately mild. I remember 2 years ago we only had 4" of snow all year. That was a good year. It seems as though this year it is snowing every week and the temps dropped into the single digits. When I lived in MN that was expected but not over here in NYC.

I am ready, for more than reason. I have been out of running commission and I am ready to get back in the game. In fact I was supposed to go for a light jog today but couldn't because it was just too cold. The forecast for the next two days is snow and freezing rain so I guess I won't be running until Thursday. That is ok because I am kind of nervous. Nervous because if I run to soon and run into pain, well then that sets me back again! But I am also nervous because we are supposed to start training for Grandma's marathon in about 3 weeks! Oh boy!

With spring fever and an uneasy stomach I know what will get me in the mood! Look what I found...these few things have been added to my list of things I want.

First off I really want these cool new Nike shorts. I don't really love pink but I think it is the spring fever that is leading me to this color.

Next up is this Lululemon sports bra. Call me crazy but I kind of like the leopard print.

I can totallly picture Jillian Michaels wearing these Nike pants...... Jillian rocks so I would rock them too.

Another item from Lululemon because I love them. This looks like a prefect fitting tank for me.

And just to switch is up and match my pink shorts I would get this pink Lululemon tank as well.

Yes, yes I know Lululemon..

Another new pair of Asics running shoes. (I am smiling as I write this because if my husband Scott saw, he would be like...What! Another pair of running shoes.)

Last but not least I have been coveting these for the past 6 months and I am not ever sure why I have not bought them yet. I absolutely love them and they are prefect for spring time running.
Smartwool ArmWarmers!

That is it. This is on my wish list along with the increase in the temperate outside.


  1. I love the arm warmers!!! Maybe I need a pair of those...

  2. New running clothes and shoes always make you feel like running. Sweet stuff. I've never bought from lululemon but hear a lot about it. I'm going to have to check it out I guess.


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