Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh the places you'll go

I always want to see where other people go running, I get excited about the thought of running somewhere new.  I think that is why I like to run marathons in other states.  It gives me a chance to change it up.

This is where I run, I took these pictures last summer when it was so beautiful out.  Right now it is still cold and lifeless.  I was even telling my sister how I dreaded going for my run yesterday morning.  I think of Julia and Julia the movie when Amy is about to cook something she didn't want to and said "Dreading, dreading, dreading"  Yep that was me yesterday.

Back to the point.  This is my run.....depending on length, I don't hit these spots every run.

Starting point...my apt.

Around the corner heading to the bridge.

 Over the Williamsburg Bridge.

This is the path going up.  Crowded!

Coming down into the city.

Running through the Lower East Side.

Up to East Village.

Over to the West Village.

If you look and see the door between the 2 red awnings,  that was my 1st apt in NYC!

By Highline Park and the new Standard Hotel in Meatpacking.

My fav...down the West Side highway.

Back through Chinatown.

Now I would have to say that on my long runs I will go all the way up through Central Park, sometimes into Harlem then all the way down into the financial district, back over the Brooklyn Bridge and then home.  Really New York is a small Island and when you have to run 18-22 miles in one jog you can really hit all of NYC.

Where do you run??

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  1. love these pics sarah! so many things to look at while your on a run!


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