Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Stairs

Instead of hitting the gym on the boat everyday we tried to switch it up by doing different things around the ship.  One day we did the stairs!  Doing stairs is actually a great workout.  You are building muscle strength and endurance along with getting your heart rate up and pumping.   We made two videos, the first video is before the exercise and the second is right after we had finished.  It was early in the morning and we looked as though we had just rolled out of bed (which we did).  I am the narriator and Jen and Heath give you the run down.

Just remember to always switch it up and try something new!  This will keep your workouts more exciting and enjoyable.  Also if you are on vacation with others, try to talk them into doing a workout with you.  It will be fun for all of you and bring a camera. You will feel great when you are finished and it will always add good memories to the photo album!


It was also funny because Heather was using her Garmin to record her max heart-rate and in the end forgot to press start so it was never recorded!

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