Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tracy Anderson Method

I know a lot of you know that I talk about doing the Tracy Anderson Method a lot.  I really truly believe in her Method.  I have been doing the 3 sequence DVDs and have really noticed a change in my body.  Being a runner after a while your body comes to a stand still and that is because you are not changing up your workout.  I found out about Tracy on Regis and Kelly.  Tracy is Kelly Ripa's personal trainer and her body is smokin!  That being said, changing it up is what Tracy is all about.  I attached two videos so you can get an idea of her workouts.  I do them all right here in my apartment and I can not get enough of them.  Don't be alarmed by her sexy provocative look, she is just showing you how amazing you can be if you do her method.  She is just representing her Brand!

Plus I am super excited to find out that she has come out with her new DVD series Metamorphosis.  I am totally saving to order this one!

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