Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate being sick

This post is dedicated to getting sick in the middle of training for a marathon. Yep, that is what happened to me last week.  I will give you a brief Description of how it all went down.

Last Monday I was determined to get in my 20. So I woke up early, and did it.  It felt hard and horrible.  I kept looking down at my Garmin thinking.... why does this pace feel so hard? Then Monday night I started getting achy and feeling like junk. The long and the short of this post is that some days I ran and felt OK, some days I ran and felt like crap and some days I didn't run at all because I knew I was sick, but just wasn't sure how sick I really was. And although Advil(the only dependable pain reliever that works for me) covered up a lot of my discomfort I think that this past week I actually had the FLU! I hate the flu..... I mean seriously, who gets the flu... me apparently. BOO

I guess I didn't realize how crappy I really felt until now I just keep feeling better. Had I known that I actually was that sick maybe I would have not tried so hard to keep at my training plan. But regardless some of those workouts did feel good.

So here is my question. How do you know how much to give when you are sick? I am kind of against just doing nothing unless you feel so miserable that you literally just can't.  I do feel that in the past there have been times when I have felt a cold coming on and an airborne and good run have kicked it to the curb.  So how do you know when to and when not to? Maybe I should lay off the Advil and let myself feel miserable and then I wouldn't be so tempted to just keep at it? I dunno.... any suggestions would be wonderful.

Anyways, at least now I am feeling better and today is the start of a new week =) I hope everyone out there does NOT get the flu and we can all move into the new spring summer seasons Flu, Cold, or whatever annoying virus free!

Happy Training all.  Jen

Oh and just one more shout out to all my Boston Marathon friends who are running today!!!!  WAHOOOO!


  1. I never realize I'm getting sick until BAM! I can't get out of bed. So it ends up explaining the poor runs I got in before I realized. I try to make an effort to have some short easy runs, because they often make me feel better and get the blood flowing. But I would never, ever push it while sick.
    Glad you're feeling better!

  2. I generally never realize I'm "getting" sick. But when I'm actually sick, I know it. As for working out, if it's in my head (sore throat, runny nose, etc.) I stick to my schedule, but if it's body sick, I rest.

  3. I usually always run through sickness. I always tell myself that I'm "running it off/out"...
    (thanks so much for signing your posts ladies ;)

  4. If I feel even the slightest bit sick I will usually take a week or three off :) ! You know I'm messin with you. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  5. Hope you feel better!! I usually try to do some sort of activity but maybe at a lower intensity. And, pump up my hydration. Get better.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!! AZ was fantastic!


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