Thursday, April 14, 2011


Aside from my everyday job I have, a close friend of mine will ask me to do a little babysitting from time to time.  Well yesterday she dropped off a check to me and you know what I did?!?!  I got in my car and instead of going to the Lululemon in Union Square where everything is sold out, I drove to the Mall!  Yep, the mall that is about a 30 minute drive if there is no traffic but there is always traffic so it took me over an hour to get to.  Did I mention I dropped everything that I was working on just so I could go to the mall.

Back on track, got to the mall and look what I found...  New yoga mat, running socks, two awesome running tanks that fit wonderfully and two sweatband.  It was so great and it totally made my day.  Wearing my new tank today as I head out for my 15 miler.

And it only gets better, I stopped in whole foods later to browse around to see if I needed any groceries and I found this yummy pretzel baguette!  I could not resist and I had to buy it, I mean I am running 15 miles tomorrow and I need to carbo load right?

So for dinner, you know I had the usual, grilled chicken, sauteed cauliflower, acorn squash and BREAD! Don't worry, Scott and I didn't eat the whole thing, we left about 1/4 of it for tomorrow.

What are your favorite workout clothes?  Do you have a food group weakness like bread?

Happy Workout!


  1. Fresh baguettes are heavenly!
    I think every extra penny I have goes to running stuff...and I love it!

  2. Fun stuff! I just got a couple new workout clothes at Gap Body. Some stretchy pants and a jacket that are way comfy and cute!

  3. Sarah, that Pretzel Baguette looks SO good..... Seriously!

  4. GIRL that baguette is calling my name!! LOVE the way you FUEL!!!!

  5. Oh man, that pretzel baguette seriously looks so good! Fresh bread is one of my weaknesses.

  6. That bread looks amazing!!! I am a carb person too, and cheese. I love cheese :)

  7. I had never had pretzel bread like that before this winter. It is so good! I wish it was more available in the south.

    I saw your comment on SR's blog about the Tracy Anderson method helping your back pain. I have a completely screwed up back/SI joint and have tried EVERYTHING-pilates, yoga, PT, chiro, injections. Everything. Can you tell me more about it and how it helped you? you can get me through my blog or at I would be very interested in your experience!!!

    Thanks : )


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