Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sweet Potato Staple

The sweet potato isn't to be ignored. It has all the wonderful things in it that your body needs to keep running! I have tried to prepare it a few different ways but I am always looking for suggestions. So far, I have had luck baking it, putting it in a stir fry with zucchini (my personal favorite) and oven making oven fries.

The sweet potato is a simple starch food and is rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. That sentence is straight from wikipedia and after reading it....whats not to like =)  So to all out there running, working out, eating healthy people.....EAT YOUR SWEET POTATOES!

This is a picture with my sweet potato stir fry! Don't pay attention to the monster sloppy joe next to it! I mean, a girl has gotta get her protein =)

OH, and one more thing, this is what I look like a lot lately after I finish running.......I think I have some Tendinitis going on next to my shin and because it is screwing with my calve muscles my plantar fasciitis or what have you has been acting up. ARGGGG, someone please tell me how to run pain free.  I am begging.



  1. Girl-don't even get me started:)

  2. I hope everything heals quickly! I was just told today by my doctor that I am not allowed to exercise at all for at least the next 20 weeks. :( I hope you are up and running at full capacity soon!

  3. Hope you're pain-free soon!
    I love sweet potatoes. I'm just so boring..bake, slice. There ya go. Thanks for expanding my horizons!!!

  4. Do you use a foam roller after your runs? That might help with your calves.

    I want that stirfry!

  5. Ugh I look like that after running except that ice pack is a little further up, around my knee :-/

    Ah I love sweet potatoes...more than I can even tell you. I eat them every chance I get! I have a few recipes on my blog (one is under Jamaican and the other is a Mexican tostada type dish) I can't post links for some reason but if it is okay with you I will try to do it in a different comment later

  6. Boo, that's no fun! Did you take a few rest days? Do you have a foam roller (or a tiger tail since the shin area can be difficult to foam roll)? It looks like you got the icing part down :)

  7. Hi Jen -

    I saw your post on Kristi's blog about running grandma's. I am too! Are all 3 of you running grandma's?


  8. Cindi

    All three of us are running Grandmas! We are gonna give it a run for our money =) Is this your first time? we'd love some pointers if you have any.

    Good Luck!


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