Monday, May 9, 2011

My morning Ritual

Every morning I wake up early and run or workout I have to eat something first. If I don't, terrible things happen. Last time I decided to ignore the importance of my "morning ritual" I ended up almost losing it in the middle of my run. Part of having a successful workout for me means giving my body what it needs in order to preform.

Typically I have found that Frosted Mini Wheats is my favorite morning staple. It has some whole grains, some good complex carbohydrates and some sugar.  The slogan, "keeps them full keeps them focused" really speaks the truth for these little babies.  Plus, the milk gives me some protein and calcium. As we age it is important to still recognize the good things in milk and there is a reason we force our kids to drink it =)

Anywhoo, sometimes I do get sick of just the plain old Frosted Mini Wheats regimen so lately I have been spicing it up.

This picture below contains 3 different cereals.  Grape Nuts....did you forget about those, well don't. They are FULL of fiber and all kinds of other good stuff. And then of course, the Frosted Mini Wheats. I  am pretty sure I will make that a part of every breakfast regimen until I convince myself I can go without.... which will probably be never. And then, for the grand finale....I top the whole thing off with Chocolate Cheerioes =) TAHDAHHHH. I love chocolate. So when spicing something up if there is a way I can add chocolate to the bunch you can bet I am gonna give it a try.

So thats what I've got folks. This little mixture has been putting me in good moods and I have had some good workouts post this morning regime. Give it a try I say. But just remember whatever you choose to do, make sure it has some good complex carbs, fiber and any other vitamins and minerals you think important. Also, try to eat at least an hour before you go. My friends are always thinking I am crazy for waking up so early to eat before a run but I tell you, without it I would not function. I'd stop at mile 3 and give up. I need fuel, my gas tank does NOT run well on empty.

What kinds of things do you eat in the mornings?

Do you for sure include any major food group?

Do you wake up early to eat beforehand?

Happy Running -Jen


  1. Mmm I love cereal. I have to eat before I workout too, some people can't and I can't go without breakfast first. I usually have greek yogurt with all-bran, blueberries, and almonds for breakfast it's my favorite!

  2. um jen I WANT THAT BOWL OF CEREAL RIGHT NOW. I think I could do cereal every meal every day for at least a month. I HAVE to eat before workout, before I do ANYTHING pretty much. food is feul right??

  3. haha. i am obsessed with cereal. I could eat it for every meal...except i try to keep it just at breakfast with a banana. I have 3 that I like so I usually just mix them all up in one bowl. that one gets left out :)

    have an awesome Monday!

  4. I could also eat cereal for every meal.. I just had it for dinner as well. But thanks for the comments =)

  5. Yes, I also have to eat before I work out. I am up at 4:30 and I go with yogert and oats, perfect combo. Right after my workout I come home and have another bowl of oats with yogert and fruit to start my day.

  6. I am a total 'cereal-mixer' and can never have just one type in my bowl. My new favorite mix is BranBuds (51% of your daily fiber in 1/3 cup!!... hard to find, though) and Shredded Wheat (frosted, of course), all topped with some berries and ground flax! So delish!


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