Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Traveling Workouts

My work requires me to travel occasionally.  Ok. It's a lot.  Heather is always jealous of the variety of scenery that I get to enjoy on my runs when I travel, so she asked if I would do a guest blog on one of my trips.  

It may seem like the life of luxury to jet off across oceans for days at a time, but let me tell you it wreaks havoc on a workout schedule.  Luggage space is too tight to pack enough workout clothes.  Especially since you don't want to slap sweaty used stuff right on top of your dress shirts; only side pockets will do.  There are unknown roads and trails, and the weather can mix you up.  Last, and not insignificant, are the time-zone changes.  When you are used to working out at a certain time every day your body really becomes accustom to that time.   

But....it can be pretty fun too.  It's nice to do a little site seeing in a new city.  Or even check out a city you've been to before, but just never had the chance to look around.  I was in London for three days last week, and thought I would document my three workouts ATT style.  Here goes!

First the obligatory self-portrait.  Lame.  I know.  But they wouldn't let me post without it.  

My garb is appropriately bland so I can blend in with the complacent Europeans and avoid terrorists.   This shot was also taken at about 6AM London time....which is Midnight body-clock time.  Not exactly prime workout hours.

I stayed at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, which also happens to be right next to Hyde Park, one of the better running spots in towne.  The shot on the left is the entrance to the park by my hotel.  The building on the right is the Kuwaiti Embassy for all you Kuwaiti-ATT-Followers out there.  

It was a little chilly, around 50 or so, but perfect for a long run.  (And "long" is always relative when you're traveling, especially if you have early meetings.)  I planned to run twice around the park, which was going to be about 8 miles.  First ran West on the south side of the park.  Here is the shot facing West. 

I passed a lot of runners, even though only one shows up in this picture.  And I was shocked at their loud colored attire.  I got to the West end of the park, turned North, and ran right into the gates of Kensington Palace....

It's ok, I guess.  :)   For all you insanely curious people out there, like me... It was built in 1605, and purchased in 1689 by King William III and Mary II.  William had asthma, and wanted a home away from the river, and the air around Kensington was "deemed very good Air."  It was!  I took some deep breaths just to make sure.   Both William and Mary died at this palace.  Mary from small pox at 32 and a few years later William fell off his horse in the park, broke his collar bone and died at the palace about a week later. 

After my first lap around, it was after 6am and horses were out for exercise.  Hope those riders hold on tight....

On my way back around, I was a little more alert.  (Thanks to my deliciously warm chocolate GU!  Sorry ladies. I hate them cold.)  But my kick of energy reminded me to snap a picture of Royal Albert Hall, and some big gold-topped thing in front of it too.  You can read about the Hall here.  http://www.royalalberthall.com/about/default.aspx 

Finished up back at the "Baarkly" Hotel (that's how the locals say it)....and found my awesome Bruno Magli's freshly shined waiting on my room door.  Can't beat that.  Time check: a little after 1am body-clock time.  Time to go to work. 

That was the glamour run....here is the grit.  The first day it was raining and I ripped off 8 miles from the window view in the fitness center.  The run was as boring as this picture.  I promise.

Last day.  Thought I'd be adventurous and head the opposite direction toward Green Park and St. James Park.  Green Park is not as cool as Hyde Park, but still nice.
Here are a few quick pics, but then I better wrap this novel up so the Trio invite me back.  The one on the left is of Hyde Park Corner.  Kind of a pain to cross the roundabout.  The pic on the right is of St. James Park.  St. James is the coolest, and I would've stayed longer there, but it's not very big and I would've had to run around it about 10 times.  

So that was my trip.  Have any of you traveled anywhere cool for workouts?  Any good trails I should know about?  Happy Traveling Workouts!


  1. Great guest post!! Whenever we go on trips we try to schedule races or marathons if it works out. We are excited to run in London and Paris when we travel there this summer!

  2. That is amazing. I hope to one day have a job where I can travel like that - and be able to run in all those places!


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