Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Out

Last night we went out for a dinner with our parents before we began our journey up north to Duluth.  If you know anything about our family you would know that we love to eat at the Mall of America.  Right now we are into Crave.  So every time anyone comes up to MN to visit Crave is where we head.  The meal was good but the sushi was better. Afterwards we walked around a little to get any last minute items for the race....Nike, Lululemon

For the race tomorrow there will be a 50% chance of rain, super lame. So we were looking for a good rain jacket so we first headed to Nike town.  Found nada.  The sales persons were slightly confused about their products.  Which resulted in no purchase necessary. Any ideas for rain gear? We are thinking the expo may have some good suggestions.

Hey Hungry Runner Girl check out the "fo-yo" we found!  We thought you might like this place.  Chilly Billy's!  It was de-lish as is all frozen yogurt.

Last but not least packing last night... Yep Jen is trying to figure out how to fit that all into her spi belt, and what you don't see is the water belt she will also be wearing :)
j/k (kinda)

SO any ideas for rain gear??

TA TA for now!
Jen, HEATHER, Sarah


  1. Admittedly, I've never run a race in full out rain, but I'd probably just wear something light and nonchafing and just run without a rain jacket?

  2. I ran the Flying Pig last year in the pouring rain. I bought and wore a poncho that they sold at the race expo. It worked out really well, light weight, kept me dry and had pigs all over it :) The problem with the rain before the race was wet shoes. People had plastic bags over their shoes until the race started and I totally should have done that.

  3. I have never run a race in the rain before but I don't think I would mind it too much

  4. I love shopping at Lulemon and Nike! I am jealous!

  5. You don't need anything! If it rains, it rains. You're gonna get wet either way and new gear may cause chaffing/rubbing that would be way worse than getting wet! And if you get warm and want to take it off, you may not want to throw something brand new!! Looks like the humidity is going to be pretty high as well, but with the lower temps, you'll all be great.
    Maia (I can NEVER leave comments as myself!)

  6. I love the MOA! Can you believe when I was younger I used to live there (back when it was newish) and I only went there about 3 times! Now I live in WI and I still don't get there often enough... my bank account thinks otherwise ;) Good luck again in the race!

  7. This might sound sad...but it is a dream of mine to go to Mall of America. I saw it on TV when I was a kid and that is definitely STILL on the travel agenda for one day. Love the big pile of stuff for the race--better be a big spibelt!

  8. good luck tomorrow!
    ps- all my runner amigos say that if it rains... just get wet. except i think the shoe covers is a good idea.


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