Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recovery and Whats next

I'll be in Minnesota until July 2nd and my plan while I am here is to relax, recover and figure out what is next on the agenda.  This is how it has gone down so far.

It was easy to rest on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but today I am feeling all rested and ready to roll. I realize that my body will need a little more time to recover regardless of how totally normal I am feeling right now. BUT, I still wanted to get in some sort of workout.

Today's Workout: Keeping up with my 5 year old at Bounce Depot.  It is like this giant warehouse with all kinds of blow up slides, obstacles courses etc. I went in there thinking that we'd have some great bonding time and I'd be all ready to bounce around with him for hours... Only to start feeling like my brain was going to explode and my lunch come up after only 15 minutes.  Apparently running 26 miles is easier on your body then the bounce depot..... (note to self, only go to bounce depot with 5 year old if one of his friends promises to be present.)

After my workout or lack thereof I did the next best thing and stop by the grocery store and pick up all of the ingredients for dessert. My family and I are staying with my in-laws for a few days and I'd promised them some dessert of their choosing. 

So this Mess....

Followed by this Mess....

Turned into these two desserts (Banana Cream Trifle and Chocolate Banana Cream Pie) that I thoroughly enjoyed =)

Although I am able to relax and recover from the marathon I am already excited and anticipating what is going to be next on the calendar. I am for sure doing a Sprint Triathlon at the end of July.
SUPER excited about it.  
I will be blogging my training adventures for sure.....not that I have any idea how to train for one of those.  Suggestions?

Along with that, here are some up coming races this fall that I am trying to decide between.
Rock'n'Roll marathon or 1/2 in Denver (Oct. 9th)
Mankato Marathon in Minnesota (Oct. 22nd)
CIM Marathon in Sacrament (Dec. 4th)

And of course, my dream race which although probably won't happen this year but always do need to add to this list is:

Disneys the Goofy Challenge
My first marathon was the Disney marathon and after being a part of it and watching all of these people participate in the goofy challenge that I swore I'd go back.  If they can do it, I can do it! But I'll probably have to wait until next dad always taught me to pay my bills...SHOOT.

Anywhoo, WHAT TO DO????

Anyone out there ran the Denver Rock'n'Roll?

Mankato, or CIM?

Also, I need help with training for my first tri.  Do I really attempt to do speed on a bike or just go for rides?

Happy Running -Jen

p.s. my plan is to be happily running again next week.  Take that week easy with some normal miles and then hop back into training slowly the following week =)


  1. I am doing the Goofy Challenge in January and cannot wait!! Disney races are my most favorite. :)

    I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word... I have a huge fundraising giveaway going on with over $650 worth of prizes.
    Thanks so much!!

  2. Yuum, once again that food looks amazing. Sounds like you have some great races planned!

  3. Great plans! I haven't ever done a tri so no advice there.

    The goofy challenge sounds really fun. :)

  4. Congrats on the finish to all three of you! What an accomplishment.

    And I have never done a Tri. But good luck! If you ever decide to do an Ultra, I'm your girl, though! ;-)

    (those desserts look like CRACK!)

  5. Those desserts look SUPER, SUPER delicious! Worth the mess ;)

  6. OMG I need those desserts RIGHT NOW!

    I am sure whatever race you choose to run will be awesome! I want to run Disney this year. It has been my dream for quite some time!

  7. I'm your newest follower :) I love your blog so far.
    BTW those desserts look amazing!


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