Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Heather!!!


It has been SO wonderful having Heather as a sister.  Check out those shoes she is wearing, I am pretty sure we both have a pair now..... she was so ahead of her time =)

She was always very stylish and still is.  She is always helping me with what I should wear.  When we were growing up I'd always borrow her clothes without asking and she'd graciously just let it go...... lol. (we fought like all normal sisters do... GET OUTTA MY CLOSET!)

She was active while growing up and still is today.  She isn't scared to try anything and I look up to that. She stands on her own two feet and puts all her efforts into doing what she thinks is right.  

I had to post this pic because I just thought you should all know all three of us had one of these lovely one piece ski suits. =)  YAY for the 80's!

Just so you know lady, we all LOVE ya and our family would not be nearly as awesome if you weren't part of it.  I hope you have a fantabulous day!  

Enjoy - Jen


  1. Happy Birthday Heather! Love ya! Can't wait to hang with you and the girls in Myrtle Beach.

    Elsa looks like you in so many of these pictures. I especially love the one with you lounging back showing off your 80's style one piece suit over your t-shirt!


  2. That's sweet. I love my sibling. Life would be so dull as an only child.

  3. Thanks sisters... I want to know how Jen fit goggles over those glasses she was wearing... classic. LOVE YOU BOTH!!

  4. Happy Birthday Heather! Loving these flackback photos!
    P.S.--now you're making me miss my little sister so much. You guys are all so close and it's amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday Heather! I love all the flashback photos and my sisters and I totally had those 80's one piece snowsuits as well :) We even have a Heather too!

  6. Happy Birthday Heather!

  7. Happy Birthday Heather, wishing you the very best life has to offer.

  8. Happy Birthday Heather! Those pictures are classic. Love the ski suits!

  9. Happy Birthday Heather! Those are some neat pics!

  10. Happy Birthday - i love the pictures ;)

  11. Loving the 80's outfits, especially the ski suits! Happy Happy Birthday!


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