Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Myrtle Beach Recap

I know that Sarah posted a couple pictures from our trip already but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post a couple more. Our trip was filled with tons of swimming..

Going to the beach only at night.  It was so hot there and combined with the two shark sighting that happened while there which made the lifeguards clear the ocean both times we felt it was best to only visit the beach when it was cooler and were not going to be swimming in the water.

Lots of dancing.  This is Elsa group that took fourth in the overall finals.  They totally rocked it.

Below is the costume Grace wore for the dance that took 2nd overall in finals.  Wish I had a picture of the entire group but I don't so this picture will have to do.

It was a great trip.  We worked out all but one day while we were there.  Ate tons of salads and had tons of fun hanging together.  But now back to the grind
My brother and his family are here and Sarah gets here today!!  Love summer for many reasons but one big one is that everyone comes to visit.

My brother also loves to work out so we just got done will a killer stair/run workout and snapped this picture.  It was a great one and I swear it was like 100 out with about 70% humidity.   Anyone else feeling the major heatwave that is going on right now???  It is killer.   My workouts this week will be all Kinetic Edge classes.  I am taking all my family there for classes this week as well.  For all those of you that have asked about the gym.. yes it is only in one location as of now.  It focuses on mainly Kettlebells but he likes to throw in some plyometrics to I think break it up a little.  It is intense and unlike any gym I have ever been to and I totally love it.  If anyone of you are ever in the area email me and I will hook you up with a class to try it.  You will be hooked. 

We are all doing the Warrior Dash this weekend.  Anyone else done it yet??  It should be super fun.  If you have done it let us know!! How was it?  Any tips we should know?


  1. Have a great time at Warrior Dash!

  2. I love the jumping photo! It looks like the ferris wheel is part of you :) Looks like such a wonderful family vacation and congrats to the girls on their awesome dance wins!

  3. Such fun pictures! Have so much fun with all of your family in town. I love that you all work out together! Love it!!!

  4. Looks like you had tons of fun! Myrtle Beach is a blast!

  5. Such cute photos!! Love the dancing ones :)


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