Monday, September 19, 2011

18 Miles and the Roller Derby =)

These last few weekends have been great! Last weekend was Les Miserables and then my friend surprised me this weekend with tickets to the Roller Derby.  There is nothing quite like spending the evening watching HoJ Simpson take down Leigh Vem Bruised. =) 

Amber and I with CICI before it started.

Fun Fact: In Denver alone there are 109 Full Member Leagues and 53 Apprentice Leagues. It is Roller Derby Madness around here. I love it!

Now down to serious RLRF business.  First, another shout out to Sarah who ran her 20 miles at an 8:19 pace! That is very awesome and very inspiring.  Also, I ran my 18 this past Saturday at an overall pace of 8:44. This was according to my garmin which always seems to be a little faster then most so I would imagine I came in a little slower then that. But non the less I took the first 13 miles real easy hanging around a 9 minute mile or so and then picked it up and ran around 8:15's or so to finish the run. It was a good reminder to me that if you start easy you can finish strong.  I hope to do something similar in my marathon this December but I guess we will see how it all goes!

This weeks workouts.

Monday: Total Conditioning
Tuesday: Speed 2x1200's and then 4x800's with 2 minute recovery
Wednesday: Bike 15-20 miles easy
Thursday: Tempo 1 Mile easy with 5 Miles at pace
Friday: Total Conditioning
Saturday: 20 miler (Let's hope I don't bonk this time around.... my last 20 didn't go so well.)

Has anyone else been to see the Roller Derby?
-I hope to go again

What are you workout plans for the week?

Who else is doing RLRF? Do you like it?
-So far I am liking it a lot. 3 days of running a week is great. Gives me lots of time to spice up training.

Happy Running -Jen


  1. I love roller derby. We went once to an event they had here in Colorado Springs and it was just so much fun! I really want to go again.

    Great job on your long run!

  2. Congrats to you and Sarah on your great long runs. I am still undecided on how I feel about RLRF--I really have a hard time with so many "tough" runs.

  3. Great Runs with Excellent times. I really need to focus on starting slower and finishing strong. I just worry about burning out towards the end and not having enough gas to step it up!

  4. Okay, I live here and didn't even know Roller Derby was so big! Where have I been! I think I will check out RLRF.

  5. I really want to try RLRF!! I have heard so many good things about it!

  6. I swear I've seen an article about Denver roller derby girls somewhere, and the girl above was the main girl featured in the article! It sounds like an exciting thing to watch.

    Great job on the workouts, sounds like training is going really well!

  7. I've never seen roller derby but it looks pretty cool!

  8. I used to train a roller derby team but have yet to see them compete, I'm hoping in the next few weeks.


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