Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Photos Less Talking..

I wanted to have more pictures for this post and less talking.  Only because I have to hurry out the door for my 13 miles and then we are headed to Long Island to go to buy a new mattress during the Labor Day Sales!  So excited!  We have been waiting for this holiday for a long time because they always have such great sales.

So this is how my Birthday day went down...(btw thanks for all the Bday love yesterday:))

Had to go into the city for some work stuff so I got a ride with Scott!  Didn't have to take the train.  Booya!

After I got back to BK I had my favorite slice of Spinach and Garlic pizza.  Made fresh just for me.

Worked and worked then Scott got off early for the Holiday and we had an early dinner.  I picked Tiny's Giant Sandwich shop.  Always wanted to try it and it was a total hit!

I had the Veggies of Them All Sandwich with, 7-grain bread, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, oinions, roasted red peppers, tomato and hummas.  I need to make these at home more often.

Did a little shopping in Soho which was majorly crowded and I was not feeling it but Scott found some stuff.  I am too picky when it comes to everyday clothes.  I think because I always think I can make it better.  But take me to Lulu or Nike and I could shop for days! I don't know the first thing about making workout clothes :)

Then on to Butter Lane Cupcakes.  I had the Vanilla with Vanilla and Scott had the Chocolate Salted Carmel Banana Cupcake.  It was intense with a little homemade vanilla ice cream.

We were both so tired that by the time we got home I turned on Moonstruck (I love Cher) in bed and fell right asleep.  I will have to say I had a wonderful Birthday!!

So anyone hitting up the Labor Day Sales this weekend??

Forget running, I say let's go shopping!



  1. tired but happy! looks wonderful. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! All the food looks amazing.

  3. Sorry I missed yesterday's post!! Happy belated birthday! September babies are the best...mine was on the 1st :)

    Looks like you had a amazing day. I love the picture of you with the cupcake! So cute xo

  4. Happy belated birthday lady! I love the looks of all your eats yesterday, especially those cupcakes!

    Hope you had a good 13 miler!

  5. Happy birthday!! All that food looks FANTASTIC and I am now inspired to head to the supermarket and load up on awesomeness to make a replica of the pizza and sandwich.

  6. And now I want a cupcake...

    Happy birthday!!

  7. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! That picture of you with the cupcake is beautiful!

  8. Happy birthday!! sounds like you had a good one :)


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