Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Ready!

Did my last tempo run today!!  Woot!  1 mile easy, 2 mile @ 7:48 3 mile @ 7:42!  I am not sure what is more exciting, finishing training or running the marathon?  I guess I will find out when it is all over Sunday.  To celebrate I had a spinach, banana, chia seed protein shake.  It was oh so good!

And I figured out what I am going to wear!  In honor of New York style I am wearing all black.  My black Lulu tank with my black Nike compression shorts, black CEP compression socks and some arm bands that I will rip off as soon as I am hot.  Oh and a black Sparkly Soul headband.  I will have my black spi belt and I am getting my nails done tomorrow.  Not sure if I will go with black but I want to do something fun.  My shoes are not black either but that is ok :)

 Ivan is giving my shoes a little good luck chewing!

These are some nail ideas I am thinking about.  Not necessarily the color but what do you think?

I am going to try and meet up with HRG and Skinny Runner either before or after the race. 

Now I just need to go and pick up some throw away sweats and sweatshirt to keep me warm before the race starts.

So what do you think about the nails?  Which is your fav??



  1. I like the gold sparkle ones! very cute!

  2. Yay!! You are going to have so much fun!!! I LOVE the gold sparle nails!! Have an amazing run and don't forget to give us a sweet recap!

  3. love the gold sparkle!!!!! have a blast! and good luck!

  4. I like the gold sparkle nails as well. Good luck this weekend - you're going to look very chic in your black NYC style outfit. Can't wait to hear how you do!!!!

  5. I love the black ones! Good luck with the race!!

  6. I think the cheetah nails would look good with your all black attire, plus maybe they'll make you feel fast like a cheetah? Ha ha. Good luck in NY! I feel like half the running blog world is going to be running that marathon. I'm going to try to watch it.

  7. I like the black nails! Good luck on your race. All of your hard training is going to pay off!!

  8. Good luck this weekend! I love all the nails!

  9. Good luck tomorrow!! I'm sure I'm too late with the nails but I like the black/white and the sparkly ones. Can't wait to read about the race!


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