Saturday, December 3, 2011

California or BUST!

Hey All!

This is Sarah here but I am doing a quick post for Jen who is sitting on a plane in Denver getting ready to head out to California for her marathon.  They are de-icing the plane as we speak.  Good thing they are leaving super early so they (her and her two girlfriends) have time to get to the expo and stuff.

She is going to send more pictures when she lands and I will give you an update!  She has been training hard with the RLRF plan and is shooting for a 3:40!  I know she can do it!  She is a way better pacer than me :)

I am really counting on her because I need her to pace me at goofy!!

Good Luck Jen!!


  1. Hopefully she gets out okay! I live in Denver and we woke up this morning to lots of snow!!

  2. Oh man there is a lot of snow here today! I hope she makes it out!


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