Thursday, March 29, 2012

Running lately

After pretty much taking a whole month off(Jan) after the Goofy it felt to get back out and run again.  I finally feel like I am starting to get back into the swing of things.  Life has been busy and our poor blog has been neglected.  I am happy to say that I am back! (My two sister's might be in here or there but as for myself I hope to be blogging a little more). Heather with baby #5 is due any day now. Woot!

The weather has been crazy warm and I am loving it.  My favorite thing to do is take my phone running.  I love to capture what I see and post it to my instagram (edelweissnyc).  Do you guys have instagram?  I am addicted.

After reading Jen's post I had to buy this cookbook myself and I can't wait to cook from it.

This was on my run yesterday morning.

Scott and I bought a juicer over the holidays and it has been the best purchase EVER! We have a juice every morning.  It is super fast and easy.  That below is a carrot ginger juice.

Does anyone have any big races coming up?  I may or may not ;) 

Also I have started on a new project and I can't wait to tell you guys about it!  Your gonna love it, but more on that later.....



  1. I love having a juicer, I use mine daily as well. So many amazing combo's this morning I did apples, kale, cucumber - then blended it in the blender with frozen blueberries and frozen watermelon juice as well as protien powder! Perfect breakfast.

  2. Twin Cities marathon in Oct, anyone running it over there? :) Would love to try a juicier, they sound like a great kitchen tool!

  3. i saw that cookbook! i can't wait to hear how you like it. Enjoy that warm weather pretty lady!


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