Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gu replacement Bars

Monday- Easy 5
Tues- Back and Biceps
Wed- 5 mile Tempo on treadmill with 1.0 incline (running faster on a treadmill seems harder?)
Thursday - Easy 5
Friday- Shoulders and Arms
Saturday - 18 miles

 I wanted to blog sooner but this week has gotten away with me and I have been crazy busy.  First off we rescued this poor little pup who was being abandon because the owner was moving into a place that did not allow pets.  She had just bought her from the pet store about 2 weeks ago.  She is only 4 months old so we took her home hoping that Ivan would get along with her.......

Ivan did NOT get along with her.  He is 8 months now and we are getting him neutered at the end of this month which means he is getting a little on the frisky side.  I could not leave these two alone for more than 1 min before Ivan would try to pounce on the poor girl which would end up turning into a fight between the two.  NOT good I tell you.  So there was that.....

And then I recently did a Sale on with my other job and it was a huge success so I have been have been shipping stuff out like a mad women.  The picture below is not even all of it.  More and more.  The sale is going on for 5 more days.  

 But on to a more pressing matter at hand. My sister Jen and I have been on the search to find the best Gu replacement out there.  We are both sick of Gu's and many of those other types of race day carbo packets to keep you going.  She texted me last night saying that she might try breaking up a Lara bar and eating during her run.  I thought that was a great idea. Kind Bars are my favorite, I love eating them and there are so many options, so I thought I might try it too. You can read up more about the difference between Lar bars and Kind bars HERE.

Have you every tried to replace your Gu with a bar?  If so what worked or didn't work for you?

Does a Treadmill ever seem harder than running outside?



  1. Haven't tried the kind bars, but love Lara bars! Running on the dreadmill is ALWAYS harder and less fun than being outside :)

  2. I have used Lara bars on runs before and it seems to work well - but never Kind Bars. I'll have to give it a try!

  3. hmm I've never tried to replace a gu with an energy bar but I do love kind bars! I tried the dark chocolate cherry one on the plane the other day and it was fantastic!

  4. I use Lara Bars in place of GU during training, but usually turn to GU when I race. The reason I like Lara Bars over something like a Kind bar is that they chewier and easier to eat while I run, and also have more sugar in them. While normally that is the reason I wouldn't eat them, I like how the sugar from the fruit gives me that quick energy boost that I need to get me through my run. I usually pre cut them up so I don't take too big of a bite and end up with a big mouth full :)

    1. Yes I was thinking that they might be hard to chew up. I will have to try a lara bar. I have never had one. I just dont like gu's yucky ;) Thanks for the tip about cutting up before hand! You getting ready for ragnar?

  5. we've tried lara bars before. the mini work great! we also like the cliff fruit snacks. tried those?


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