Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink Hair

Yep for the first time ever in my life I dyed my hair a color other than brown, black or blonde.  I went in to get my hair platinum over the weekend and decided to add a little pink.  Just for fun!  I mean you gotta live a little right?   It eventually washes out which is comforting to my Mother who thinks I am off my rocker.

That being said I LOVE it and it will be perfect for my race in two weeks!

With two weeks left before my marathon I really want to focus on eating the right stuff which means oatmeal with almond butter, banana and chia seeds in the morning.  Normally I am a toast and almond butter person but its time to start packing in the nutrients.

Later today I am going to be making some Healthy Bites from the Cotter Crunch cookbook!  I have been waiting to make these for about 2 weeks because I was waiting to get my favorite protein powder Muscle Nog.  It finally came last weekend so I am all set. 

Today I did 5x 800m repeats at 8.8 speed on the treadmill.  I am not really sure how fast that is.  I am new to the treadmill thing so I went with something that felt fast but bearable. 

Tomorrow Arms
Wed- 5 mile Tempo
Thurs- 5 easy
Friday- Legs
Sat- 10 miles around 8:30 pace
Sun- Rest :)

How was your weekend?  Ever dye your hair a funky color?

Happy Monday


  1. YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE!!! and your breakfast sounds so yummy.

  2. I LOVE the pink hair. It's very edgy but also adorable at the same time. LOVE it!

  3. Love your hair!! It looks great. I've never done a funky color but I am tempted to.

  4. Your hair is awesome! Love the pink tips!

  5. The hair is super, super cute. Good luck at your marathon, girl!

  6. Love the fun hair! I am getting up the nerve to go for an ombre look even though a few 'friends' have tried to talk me out of it. Is your marathon outfit going to coordinate with the hair?? Good luck!!

    1. Yes it will kinda coordinate! I say totally go for it! The ombre look is awesome and the beauty about hair is that if it looks bad you can always change it back :)


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