Friday, June 1, 2012

Introducing Attica

Heather here... I feel like I haven't blogged forever since I really haven't.  I had my fifth baby and so far things are going good.  I am feeling good and getting my workouts in.  Which has been a total lifesaver for my mental state, as well as getting physically fit.
I still am talking to my sisters all the time about what to wear while working out, that looks good too.  Let's face it; as a woman you know that when you look good working out, you also just feel better about yourself.  Sarah whipped up some skirts for a race that her and Jen did back in Januray.  They were a huge hit.  Tons of people commented on them and wanted to know where they could get one. At that is when Attica Athletic was born...

The shot above is of Jen and Sarah wearing the original custom versions at the Goofy race.  And below is me sporting "the Merlot" style on a run today.  Made it 4 miles, and it felt great!  Plus...I know I looked fab too. 

Check us out: /  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram @atticaathletic
All the skirts are available today.. HAPPY SHOPPING


This is my Francis Ann... 8 weeks... wow does time fly and they grow so fast.


  1. The skirts are super cute!! I saw them on Instragram and wondered where they were from. I will be getting mine really soon here!!

  2. These are awesome!!! Such cute skirts! Congrats on #5 who is by the way a complete cutie pie! I'm 20 weeks with #2!!

  3. Those are really cute! Congratulations on your fifth child!


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