Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keepin' them moving....

I find that being the mother of four growing kids I am always thinking of ways to keep them moving and grooving to burn off energy and stay physically active. Today one of my favorites was used. Bundling them up and sending them out to shovel the snow. It was pretty cold today so it was good that it didn't snow that much. The snow was light and fluffy and it was easy for them to shovel and feel a sense of accomplishment. A win win for me. They were proud of what they did and they burned off tons of energy doing it. ( I know only three are pictured here.. the fourth was taking a nap)


  1. Love it! Living in a condo in the heart of Houston, we don't have as much green space to burn energy as I would like - thank goodness for the pool. I'm always looking for ideas to keep my kids moving. Hopefully we'll be shoveling snow next winter in Michigan.

  2. You have a little army! Manhattan needs a troupe like that. :)

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  3. cute!



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