Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year

Well it is official, I am going to bring this blog back to life.  Not that it was ever thriving but my sister Jen did the first post and we have not posted since.

 Me and Jen

Here is the run down.  We all love to work out, I got injured, Heather is still loving her Kinetic Gym and Jen has since ran another marathon and is at Lifetime.

I have been injured for about 6 months now and I would have to say I am handling it pretty well.  I still try to do workout DVDs but the pain in my leg will not go away, so I took my first week off last week and I am going on week 2.  I can tell you right now it will not be easy.  I am in a habit of working out every morning that when I don't I get flustered.  Now what I have to worry about is getting in the habit of NOT working out and then starting again.

So Jen and Heath this is a new year and we are back in business!

Happy New Year and keep up the good workout!

Jen and Heather

Update for the Sisters-

I am going to try really hard this week to not workout at all.  My leg has been feeling better but I am pretty sure that I have Posterior Tibial Tendinitis so I am trying to take it easy.  I just got The Biggest Loser Yoga video that I want to try out.  It has good reviews so I will let you know how that goes.

Other than that nothing new.  Did you see the Banana Taco from Trainer Momma?  That looks like a good snack.  What are you guys making this week?


  1. This week I have nothing too good on the menu. last night was chili with cinnamon rolls, tonight is tacos, tomorrow is oven fried chicken and the list goes on! I will have to check out that banana taco. I am running a ways this afternoon so that may be a good recovery snack.

  2. I am going to start us a twitter! So I can add little comments here and there.


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