Friday, January 7, 2011

Yoga and Oatmeal 5k's

First off, I tried Yoga the other day. It was very interesting and intense. It reconfirmed what I already knew about myself, that I am NOT flexible and very tight. I wonder if Yoga and running would be a good combo???

Also, on a side note, this picture below is of me and one of my girlfriends before we ran the Long Beach marathon in October.
This Saturday I am going to go out of my comfort zone and run my first "real" 5k. I feel much more comfortable tackling a marathon then a 5k. I am the steady eddy type. So WISH ME LUCK!! Who knows what will happen. Every time I think about giving all I've got within 3 miles I feel completely overwhelmed.


  1. Jen! You are so awesome! I just love ya. Yes, yoga and pilates is kick butt, and now you are at Lifetime!? So jealous.

  2. Yoga and Running are GREAT together!


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