Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Workout Outfit

Most of the time I will workout from my apt.  I used to be a member at 24 hour fitness but after I was injured I hardly went, so I stopped paying for it.  I have been working out in my apt for almost 4 years now with an on and off stint of gym memberships.  I don't mind it, and when my body is working correctly I love to run outside.

So today I did my Tracey Anderson Method Sequence II DVD. This is what I wore.  This is probably my favorite workout outfit.  Please forgive me for the unflattering pictures.  I tried to take these on my own after I worked out so I look a little messy.

Anyways Tank Top from Lord and Taylor, Men's Polo.  I stole this from my husband.  I love it because it is baggy and doesn't cling to me.  Sports bra, Nike.  Love these!  Pants you may recognize from my sister Heather's earlier post. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop.  And shoes, Asics Gel Nimbus.  These are the best shoes for me.  Yes, they are my running shoes.  I have tried to switch over to other types of shoes instead of buying the same ones over and over but it is no use.  These are what work for me and I just need to stick with them!  The beauty here is that I don't even have to try them on.  I just go into the store, ask for the Nimbus size 9.5, pay and then I am outta there.  Unless of course I see something cute to try on ;)

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