Monday, February 14, 2011

Let the Training Begin!

Today is the first day in our 18 weeks of preparing for Grandma's Marathon. Jen will be following a more advance plan because she is working with a Running Club. Heather and I will be doing a beginners plan which will be perfect. Coming back from injury can be risky so it will be good to slowly get back into it. Heather has been running and has done longer runs and probably could get by doing an intermediate plan but she might risk injury. The goal always for your first time is to finish the marathon. This is the plan that Heather and I will be following from Runner's World. There will be a few tweaks to the calendar seeing how we rest always on Sundays but overall I will stick with this plan.

For my cross training I will be doing a mixture of Tracy Anderson and P90X. I will also try to hit up some yoga classes as well. Heather will be sticking with her Kinetic Edge gym as well as some yoga. As we move forward all three of us will explain more about our recovery runs, easy runs and our occasional speed work. Both Heather and I strongly dislike working on speed so you will hear more about it from Jen. Anybody up for the challenge with us? Questions? Finding local marathons? New comers are welcomed!
And let the games begin!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day XX

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