Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whatever Works =)

So lately I have been thinking about all the different things that keep me motivated. And then I started to wonder what keeps other people motivated? I have lots of friends who enjoy doing the same things I do. So I started to kind of listen to people talk after a run or workout to see what differents sorts of things motivate different people. Here are a few:

One girlfriend of mine said this after doing 4 x 1 Mile Hill Repeats:
"Now we get to eat go home and eat Bon Bons!!"

Another friend of mine said this after running on the dreadmill:
"I was watching the biggest Loser and seeing all of those people work really hard made me want to finish my workout although it was horrible and on the treadmill!"

"I love a runners high and now I get to have one all day!"

Another Food Item:
"Now I get a Protein Shake."

So, some of them are motivation to eat more, some are because they enjoy the feeling they get when completing a workout, and others seem to find inspiration from watching other people work hard as well. The whole idea of, "If they can do it, I can do it"

So I ask all of you, what motivates you?

P.S. These cute pics were made by my girlfriend Susan who is currently training for the Ragnar SoCal. Go SUSAN! Sarah and I were privileged enough to run with this team last year for the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back but couldn't fit it in this year! GOOD LUCK LADIES =)

1 comment:

  1. It's food. Always has been, always will be, my motivation! :o)


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