Thursday, March 17, 2011


Have any of you experienced a rat's nest on the back of your head after a long run... or even a short run? Well I have a solution.  I know this hair style is not new be any means, but it totally works for keeping your pony from turning into one big tangled mess.  Try it out on your next run or even at the gym.  It works great! I also am in love with the Untwisted Headbands from Lululemon.  They fit great, don't slip and don't give you a headache.

Check out my sisters hair after a marathon..... that's all I'm gonna say.


  1. I will need to try the headband out. You should check out they have super cute headbands and they don't move. They are great for running.

  2. I'm a huge fan of wearing my hair that way...for that EXACT reason. I'm way too tired to deal with knots after a long run! I need to try that headband too :)


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