Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Deck for The Cure

Something that I think is awesome about doing all of these running races is that you can always sign up and support something important.  While on vacation they had a 5k walk for breast cancer.  So when I saw this on the schedule I automatically knew I'd be signing up and convinced my mother she needed to do it for me.

It was really neat experience.  When we went down to line up at the start before we started they wanted everyone who had dealt with breast cancer to come forward and tell a brief story and start the walk.  It almost brought me to tears as several people, men and woman came forward and told their story. I was amazed at how many people on our little cruise ship were struggling with that horrible disease.  Some had literally finished a round of Chemo the week prior to coming.  It was very humbling and really made the walk that much more special.

So, if you have time to take part in a charity organization while running, biking, etc. I highly recommend it. It is very rewarding and inspiring to see all of these people march through these struggles.  It makes the groaning and complaining I do about my little issues seem completely irrelevant and helps me to move forward being the best person I can be.

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  1. That is very cool Jen, very cool. But more importantly why was I not invited to the cruise trip??


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