Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuna Creation

A friend of mine shared this little gem of a recipe with me a few weeks ago.  I tried it and it was a success so I need to share it with you.  I am always trying to find new ways to eat tuna.  This one is super easy and keeps for a week in the fridge.  This is how you make it.  For the batch I made I used two small cans of good quality tuna.  Then chopped up carrots and celery super fine.  I used about the same amount of carrots and celery.  Then I also chopped just about two or three small sweet pickles to just give it a tiny bit of sweetness.  As you see in the picture below.

Then I mixed them all together

Henry below helped me make this so I just needed to add a picture of him

After you have the tuna, carrots, celery and pickles all mixed together you add what is in the picture below.  There is no real amount to how much to add of each so just do what you think will be good.  Although I always add the juice of two small lemons and just a pinch of the cayenne pepper.  That stuff is really strong and if you add to much you will know it!  Yellow mustard and cumin you can add to your liking

Then at the end I just cut up some grapes and mix all together and done.  

I store in my fridge.  A super great protein to have on hand.  I wrap it up in lettuce for lunch or even a whole wheat wrap with some spinach leaves.  Or if I am in the need for a quick snack I will put some on a wasa cracker or just eat it straight with a fork.  You must all try it.

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  1. Heath- this looks so good and I know you keep telling me to make it. Well I got the stuff today and am making it tomorrow! YUM!

    I need another high protein snack besides cottage cheese.


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