Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Taco Bell is my weakness

Today I really struggled to make a healthy choice.  I love Taco Bell.  I know it is horrible for you and most of the food isn't even actually food but I do not care.  I just love it.  So for lunch I was just not in the mood to stay home.  My kitchen was still messy from yesterday, I had only few choices for lunch, my son was whining and not thinking any of my options tasted good and I was burned out.  I had some spare cash in my purse and thought, lets just go to Taco Bell.  It is quick, cheap and easy.  I have been doing so well at not eating out that I just figured, "oh what the hell."

But then I remembered an article I recently read that talked about how food is fuel and that once you start to eat healthy you will realize the benefits.  Your body will work better, you will feel better and you will have more energy.  I thought to myself, "This is true! I have noticed that I am able to work harder and recover quicker. So literally, although this was NOT easy for me, I forced myself to make an even bigger mess in the kitchen.  I made my son some Organic Macaroni and was I thinking of what my sister Heather had done with the eggs on a previous post. So I scrambled mine right up but instead of on top of Arugula I put them into corn tortillas with green salsa and parmesan cheese.  Lunch was a success!

I think sometimes it might appear that people who exercise and typically eat well or at least try to live a healthy lifestyle don't struggle with making these choices.  But I am here to tell you they do.  I struggle and it is hard.  Today when making my lunch I felt like I was a zombie and almost grouchy because I was actually doing what I should.  I dunno, maybe that sounds stupid but it is true. It was that hard for me, you'd think I was giving up a cigarette or something!

I also have another major weakness.... Diet Pepsi.  I have limited myself to one 12oz can a day unless it is a weekend.  So far it is going OK but once again, it has been difficult.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to make these choices easier????


  1. But you actually made the right choice! That is is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Everyone struggles. I have no advice! Ha. Actually the more I worry about it the worse it is so I cut myself some slack and try to remember "moderation in all things"

  2. I agree about everything in Moderation although sometimes I start that way and then start sliding a slippery slope into fast food central! But alas, we all come out of it at some point. Can I have a diet Pepsi please ;)

    p.s. Adrienne, you did you find a marathon we can run together yet? =)


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