Thursday, April 21, 2011

Am I gonna give it up?!

There is one thing I love almost as much as running. Any guesses? DIET POP. Thats what. I just LOVE it. I typically drink diet Pepsi but I don't discriminate. I love Diet Dew, Diet Root Beer, Diet Sprite, etc. the list goes on and on. I go back and forth about what I like so much.  Whether it is the bubbles, the caffeine, the fact that it is sweet and has no sugar or calories? Really it is all those reasons.

But here is my beef.  The artificial sweetener isn't good for you.  It just isn't. It makes my stomach hurt and it gives me headaches.  So why do I always drink it? Because I need something to drink, something to do with myself when there is a lull in the day and lets just be grateful it isn't alcohol or tobacco!  But alas, after one too many stomach aches and headaches I have decided I am going to attempt to just give it up.  No more pop, soda, diet, or whatever you prefer to call it. I can not believe I am doing it. Whose with me?

Now the trick is to find something else to substitute that will give me the same pleasure but be better for you and still has some caffeine in it. You are probably all wondering, why is she not giving up caffeine as well, it isn't good for you either? Right? Well here is why. Running long distances requires you to refuel with i.e. gel packs, GU, power shots... you get the picture.  And a lot of these little boosts of energy include caffeine.  So it is important to me that my body stay somewhat acclimated to the caffeine so that when taking these GU's I don't run into any other major issues.

So first thing I am going to try is sparkling water mixed with some Spark...=)  I have tried just plain sparkling water before to no good end.... but I will never give up and always try again =) so here is to a sparkling Sparked Perrier! Happy diet free day all.

p.s. I had given pop up for almost 3 days prior to this post and yesterday, in a moment of weakness at the mall food court I had a DIET PEPSI and I even refilled it. Now how weak was that..... Someone show me some love and do this with me so I know I am not the only other suffering soul out there depriving herself of the one true no calorie sweet beverage made......



  1. This is HARD to do. I'm so proud of you for getting rid of the diet soda! I have a near-daily diet coke and one day I'll give it up but for now it's my guilty pleasure and I'm okay with that! It's really not good for you though so congrats on doing the right thing!

  2. Yay Jen!! good for you:) I decided this weekend to give up the Diet too!!! (I'm pretty sure it's been affecting my sleep lately) It makes it easier to know someone else is depriving themselves of this little pleasure:)

  3. I gave up Diet Coke cold turkey last December and haven't had a sip since. I don't crave it anymore either, which surprises me. I swapped it for tea in the morning so I can still get caffeine.

  4. Oh goodness! I've been trying to give up Diet Coke for ages and it's crazy difficult. I don't really drink coffee or tea, so it's my (often much-needed caffeine boost!). Congrats with cutting it out, though! I'll be interested to see how your progress goes!

  5. I LOVE pop. LOVE it. And I really love Coke. the thing is, if I give up pop, I KNOW I will stuff my face with crap I shouldn't, like candy. and I don't drink coffee...I really don't want to take up coffee drinking at 30 so I can kick my habit of pop... I only drink 3-4 pops a week. If you find any break throughs, I'd love to hear it. Good luck- you can do it!

  6. This post is just blaspheme! :)


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