Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Gym Bag

Have you ever wondered what I carry around in my gym bag?  If so you are in luck... if not well keep reading anyways.  These are all of my staples.  I carry my bag around with me in my car at all times.  I am always reaching in there for a snack to grab while my kid car runs seem to never end.  Plus I just love to always have it with me just incase there is a last minute chance that I might be able to squeeze in a workout.  The one item that is not in the picture but it usually with my gym bag are my shoes.  And well, that is just an entire different post.  

What are you guys lugging around in yours?  Anything good that you can't live without that I need to know about?

Also heading out for a 6 mile run today and it is SNOWING!!!  In APRIL!  I think I might scream.  But I have just decided that it will make me run faster because I will be thinking about how much it sucks that I am still having to run in cold weather!!( that is what I am at least going for anyways.. running is such a mind game...let see if it works!)


  1. You are always prepared with that gym bag! Snacks unfortunately don't last all that long in mine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. that is a fashionable gym bag!! You are prepared and that is an adorable pic!!!!


  3. Such a cool post, I love seeing what people carry around with them :-) Thanks for sharing!

    That bag is super cute too.


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