Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calling all runners

The time has started in the training that my runs are getting longer and longer.  It is a good thing that the weather is getting warmer so that I can run outside and not have to wear tons of clothes.  But one thing is still missing.  A running FRIEND!!!  So this is my request... Please come run with me.  Anyone on the east side that likes to run please email me.. facebook me.. comment on the blog.  I am not asking for you to run 15 or anything. I just need you to run 5 or even 6.  You can run the first 5, middle or end.

This is what I feel like when I am done.  Running all alone.  It is nice but let me tell you ....

This is how much fun I would be to run with.. trust me.. I am a VERY fun person to run with.  Ask my sisters..promise it will be worth your time and you will be getting a great workout.


  1. Yes, it was pretty funny. You should ask Teresa Brenneke for a running partner she probably knows someone. Jordan

  2. Hey, I would run with you in a heart beat, so come on out for a visit and we can go for a run! lOVE YA SIS

  3. Hey Heather- is it mainly you who posts on this blog?? Do you have an email address? I have some questions but don't want to make them known to the entire world (not weird, I just get a little freaked that ANYONE can look at blogs...)

  4. I would be your running buddy...if I lived anywhere near you, that is.
    Love your running outfit, too!

  5. Maia, My two sisters Jen and Sarah also post on this blog. You can email us any questions you have at alwaystrainingtrio@gmail.com

    I totally know what you mean about who is looking at your blog. It can be weird and freaky!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Heather! I would totally run with you send me a message on facebook and let me know when you run. Hopefully our schedules work together....so fun! Talk to you soon, Heather Nelson


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