Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Hungry

Do you ever have days where you feel like you are hungry all day long and no matter what you eat you still feel like you are running on empty??

Well this was me last week.  It didn't matter what I ate or how much, I was still hungry!  It was driving me nuts.  Back in January my appetite had gone way down because I was only doing Tracy Anderson videos so I wasn't burning as many calories, which in turn lead to being less hungry.  Now that my training is in full swing I need to consume more but have fear of consuming too much.  How do you tell?  What do you eat??  How much do you eat?  Are you eating the right things?  These are all questions that I ask myself when I am training.  A great book that I like to reference is Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners.  I have learned a lot by just reading this book.  But even after reading and educating myself I still have days that I am still hungry!

Sometimes I just can't fight the urge to eat so instead of just eating whatever all day I try to keep is somewhat healthy.  That way when the day is over and I have eaten my kitchen I don't feel totally disgusted because I know what is inside of me is yummy proteins and vitamins and carbs.  So this is it...

Honey Grahams
Low fat cottage cheese
Dried unsweetend mango
Saltines (for my cottage cheese)
Fig newtons
Pumpkin seeds
Dark Chocolate

and most important what I don't have a picture of is... WATER!  I try to drink it through out my day.  This will help me feel more full.  Drink a full glass before you eat, it makes a difference.  I also like to drink my water at room temperature.  I think it is more filling, but this is just my opinion.

Yes some might say there is too much sugar in these snacks but what is most important is to find the mix that works best for you!

This week I am hoping for less hungry but with my mileage increasing I think I know how it is going to go down.

Happy Monday Everyone!  It's gonna be in the 80's today!!

Oh and one last thing, we revised our training plan again so if your interested in checking it out send us and email.

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  1. I've got to get some almonds for work. I like to freeze them. I'm thinking about doing frozen grapes too.
    PS- I made Heather's tuna salad thing the other day and loved it all weekend!


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