Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dinner with Me

My husband Scott has been busy with work which means dinner is with me, myself and I.  So I decided to make the usual.  This is a great dinner that is healthy and fast, I make it a lot so to change it up I just add different kinds of seasoning to the meat.

First off, I start the asparagus roasting in the oven at 400.  I spray them with canola oil from Trader Joe's  and season with salt and pepper.  I roast them for about 12-15 mins.

Next is the acorn squash. I slice it in half, scrape out the middle and put it upside down in the microwave for about 7-8 mins. (this time is for 1 half) I know it is not good to micro the veggies but sometimes I just run out of time and don't have that hour to let them roast.  Plus I DO think you get SOME nutrients, I mean really, it is still a veggie right?

On to the chicken, I buy the frozen chicken tenders from Trader's, unthaw them and last night I seasoned them with Emeril's steak rub which is really spicy.  I get my pan hot on the stove, spray with oil spray and put the chicken in the pan.  I cook each side about 5 mins or so.

When the micro goes off I flip the squash and continue to cook another 5 mins.  With about 1-2 mins left I put a little, bitty bit of butter.  I mean just a little people. You don't need a lot and then I add a small amount of brown sugar cuz I love it!

Then...... after all the timers are done and off and 15 mins later dinner is served!

It was so good and de-lish and for dessert I am sure I have room for some dark chocolate.

Bon Appetit!

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  1. I've never roasted asparagus but I bet it's good since I love all vegetables roasted. Looks like an easy nutritious dinner (and yummy too!)


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