Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well if anyone out there was wondering how my race went on Saturday well I will tell you.  My time sucked. It was not even a PR according to my watch. (But according to Dougs watch who was pacing me it actually was a PR(which is still quite a bit slower then what I should have ran overall, but whatever  apparently I did make some small progress)

I went out thinking I could run all these miles at a fast pace for me and was smacked head-on in the face a little over 1/2 way through.  Each mile after that was slow and a battle for me to even keep going.  It totally sucked.  But, there were two things that happened after the end of this race that were positive and because of this I feel the entire experience was well worth it.

1. I wasn't that disappointed that I didn't make my goal. Now, let me tell you why I am happy about this. Last year I ran the Bolder Boulder here in Colorado and went into that race for sure thinking I could run a certain pace.  Well needless to say that race blew up in my face as well and I was a Stinky SORE loser for like 1 hr.  It was ridiculous. I could not believe how irrational and ridiculous I was behaving.  So ever since then I have decided that although it is OK to feel somewhat disappointed if a race doesn't go well it is just plain ridiculous and a waste of time to sit and stew about it like a 5 year old. So this time, I wasn't even tempted to be upset. I just looked at my watch and just thought, that was harder then I thought, but I did it!

2. Once again I realized that I need to work on endurance. According to my track workouts I have speed, but as of last Saturday my endurance at a faster pace is for sure lacking and so I am happy to put some more faster endurance runs into my plan to help me get stronger.

But the sun comes up the next day, I put my running shoes on today and went out and did my best. So just remember to never give up.  No matter what, just keep moving.

Also, on one little side note, I finally beat my husband! He normally smokes me because of his pure natural talent... but not today. The hard course, (uphill whole last 1/2 and windy) made it tough for us both.  But I want to give a shout out to him for being so wonderful and running with me.  Some of my favorite runs are the ones where I know he is doing it along with me.

Happy Running!

p.s. I wanted to get a new outfit before the race but unfortunately I ran out of time =( So please excuse the old running gear and excuse me while I go find some new duds. Maybe that will make me run faster, new clothes.  Worth a try I say =)


  1. Way to go Jen you still did an awesome job!

  2. Love ya Jen-you are an inspiration to me!!!

  3. Jen you are awesome! I love your great attitude:) And new clothes will definitely make you run faster:)

  4. Okay sister you didn't mention any times but I know Dan is fast and since you beat him I'm guessing you totally rocked. Me no like hill courses. Sorry you didn't meet the goal you were shooting for but great attitude, plus I know you shoot for the stars. New clothes are always a good thing. Love you!


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