Saturday, May 7, 2011

20 miles...okay, 18

Heather and I headed out for our 20 yesterday and this is how it went down....

Let me just say that we ended up just doing 18 instead of 20.  We ran around her neighborhood and were just shy of the 20 miles.  We were close to her place and Heather said we could go out another mile and come back and I just said, forget it, lets head in.  Do you ever have runs like that?  Where you miscalculate your mileage and fall short of your goal?  Do you make another loop around or call it a day?

Anyways, this is us before we headed out.  We had a few things to get done in the morning so we ended up leaving a little late.  It will still cool but the sun was starting to get hot.

First stop was at 5 miles where there was a CVS.  We ate a Gu and water, went to the bathroom and headed back out.  Feeling good so far.

Oh yes, and that is me below looking ridiculous pointing to our camera case.

This was right outside CVS.  It was so awesome that they had a bathroom and drinking fountain we could use.  Very convenient.

We ran on almost all trails.  Through neighborhoods and around lakes.  I was totally loving it because I am used to running in the city.  I loved being outside with fresh air and open space.  We went past these beautiful tulips that I had to take a picture.  Oh and we saw tons of birds!

So if your interested we found out that the Woodbury Runners meet here.  Anyone? Anyone?

This was our second stop at a CVS.  We went in this time to get a water and Gatorade.  We also ate another Gu.  We were getting a little tired but not bad.  But it was starting to get hot.

We came up with a nickname for my huge calves.  I mean, these babies are large and in charge :) I am not sure how I got such strong calves but I've got them.  So we are now referring to them as my boulders.  And yes I have to stretch my boulders out or they will get all tight and knotted.

The last 8 miles were completely on trails and in neighborhoods.  There were not anymore CVS so we had another Gu at mile 16. Oh yeah and Heather stepped on a snake and it totally freaked us out. Also at this point we were just plain tired and hot.  Ready to be done.  That is why when we got close to her place we decided to head in.

Overall is was a great run, the best part is that my sister is moving into a new house and until it is ready they had to move into an apt.  Their apt complex has a pool!  So we took a little swim after to cool down our legs.  It felt great!

Where do you guys like to run?  Trails? Neighborhood? Gym?

Do you like GU?  Or what is your favorite carb/sugar treat for endurance?


Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sarah and Heather


  1. Nice Work Girls =) Love you Ladies!

    Off to run myself right now.

  2. I've got boulders too! That's a great nickname for them. There's a paved nature trail maybe 4 miles from my house and it is my favorite. A nice even surface coupled with the lush greenage of mama nature. I haven't had GU, but I like the Cliff Shots... mocha flavor is my favorite.

  3. Glad you ladies had a great run. It's hard to motivate yourself to go out for more when you miscalculate...home is much more appealing.
    I know EXACTLY where that sign is. It's been there for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Woodbury (or as we used to refer to it as 'Hoodbury or the Woodhood- obviously being pretty sarcastic). We used to live in Eagle Valley. Now I live in the northern subs :)
    your boulders are pebbles compared to mine (seriously).

  4. GREAT JOB! how fun to run it all with someone...I need to do 18 next weekend and am thinking I may be on my own...dang it. i totally know what you mean though...if I miscalculate...I am done. As soon as I see my is too hard to just pass it up! I think i am weird but I love GU. today I had jet blackberry and blueberry pomegranate. I loved both...seriously! LOVE to run on trails when I can :)

  5. I always eat pasta with marinara sauce the night before a long run or race. I also have some salad as well! Seem to really help me out! I like whole wheat pasta, homemade marinara, and ground turkey. Soooo yummy.

  6. I LOVE pools. I am jealous of your run and your swim :-) Congrats on the 18 miles...that's a lot!

  7. sounds like you guys had fun on your run!

    Depending on how motivated i'm feeling sometimes i'll loop around to add extra mileage, sometimes i'll just call it quits, its generally all by feel.

    I have yet to try Gus but i like Cliff shots which are basically the same thing.


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