Friday, May 6, 2011


Now that my sister is here visiting this great state and me we did a whole lot of nothing yesterday and it was great.  It was our rest day because today we are heading out for our 20 miles.   But we did manage to take a few pictures.  We spent some time on the foam roller.  Went to the Great Mall of American(sorry we forgot to take pictures while we were there)

Drank a TON of water 

Bought some new kicks

And enjoyed eating all day.  For lunch we ate at Soul Daddy.  If any of you watch The Next Great Restaurant on NBC it was one of the people in the finals.  It was good.  Not great.  Then for dinner we ate tons of breakfast food and to end the night some frozen yogurt with granola and bananas in it.  We were wondering if it does really make a difference if you eat pasta the day before a long run?  We have done it both ways but want to know what you guys think??
Happy Friday!!
-Heather and Sarah


  1. SO cool that you ate at Soul Daddy--I've been watching the show all season!

  2. LOVE those new shoes! enjoy the time with your sis :)

  3. Oo good luck on your 20 miles! I can't believe you ate at Soul Daddy's too bad it wasn't great though.

  4. Good luck on 20 miles!!

  5. That's a lot of water.. and what cute shoes! I wish I could answer your question but my version of a long run is still only 3 miles. Maybe some day...


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