Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hello! I decided I am going to try my First Tri =)

I decided a couple of weeks ago I was going to try my first Triathlon. So being that it is going to be my first I am going to do a the Anthem Sprint Tri. This is a tri in my area that includes a 525 meter pool swim, 11.7 mile bike ride and 5k run.  I am pumped about it =)

At first I was kind of hesitant wondering what the heck I was getting myself into but after going for a couple of bike rides....(of course right now my main ride is a Trek Cruiser which I do LOVE but don't think would be the best choice for race material....) I am liking the idea more and more. Plus, this decision is coming at a time when I feel like the marathon training is just wearing me out. I am logging lots of miles and trying to do all kinds of speed work is just exhausting.  So throwing in a swim and a bike ride are just doing wonders for my morale.  Spice it up they all say.... and I agree. It helps.

So whose with me? Let's all do a some kind Triathlon and then we can compare notes. I love hearing about other peoples experiences, what they like and what they didn't.  I literally do file all of it away and refer to when necessary.

Because of this decision I decided I need to learn how to swim better.  To take care of this little dilemma me and a couple of my friends enrolled in a swim class at our gym.  I do know how to swim but regardless, you can also get better.

Me sporting my new swim suit and Speedo goggles (I found on sale, thank heavens... I already spend so much money on running workout stuff I could hardly justify throwing a new sport into the mix.)

This is me and my friend Tara who is joining swim class with me. She is a rock star runner and all an together incredible athlete.  And you see that pool behind me. FREEZING. We thought we'd be tough swimmers and use the cool pool, but once we realized the "teaching pool" was so much warmer we switched. Now I know why my 5 year old has no problem hopping in the other pool. It was like a crazy 80 degrees!

Once I figure out how to swim correctly, I will also need to learn how to bike. Although going to spin class is a killer workout I am not sure how that all plays out when you are really outside.

Anyone else participated in a triathlon?

What other things do you do to spice up training?

Wish me luck. Happy running, swimming and biking =) -Jen


  1. As always, I am super impressed. Good luck!

  2. rocked in the pool yesterday! Best of luck on your first Triathlon! You will be awesome!

  3. Good job!
    I am planning sign up for my first too but I'm too scared. Hopefully you will post training tips for me! I'm going to try to learn how to do bike clips this weekend :)

  4. I did my first Triathlon 2 years ago and loved it. Then I had a baby so I am pumped to be back in the game and I have my first Tri this saturday. Bummer is I got sick yesterday so I am trying to take it easy so that I am better by saturday. Let me know how your Tri goes and how you like it.

  5. Dang, I look good in a swim cap ;)
    After your marathon we can start going on early morning bike rides. That will be fun!

  6. Oooh, that's so exciting!!


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