Thursday, May 19, 2011

I was soo unmotivated...

Last week especially I was VERY unmotivated.  Here is what happened when I was feeling unmotivated....

I didn't cook dinner very often.... so we went out to eat a lot and one evening ate some yummy soup from an asian restaurant called Pho.  It was good I suppose, but I feel like the soup comes with lots of spices, veggies, sauces on the side and maybe I should have used them.....

My sons hair doesn't get combed...(but honestly I hardly ever comb it anyways, I just kinda like the crazy look).

One night I did actually end up making dinner but of course, didn't do the dishes.... When I woke up the next morning I came down and found this lovely Julia Child like jellied mess in my pot! YUK.  It was the fat from the roasted chicken jellied with broth.

And then there is the laundry.  These baskets were scattered throughout my house for the entire week.  Luckily they are all clean but only 1/2 are folded and the rest just heaped together.  I was so unmotivated that I didn't even bother to put the clothes away and what is folded, my husband did.  I had nothing to do with laundry so much this past week.

Also, last week I only ran 32 of the 50 miles I had on my schedule and luckily, my long run (22) was ok. The rest of them were nothing to write home about.

So what in the world happened here!? Personally, I blame it on being a girl, (it was that time of the month.....lovely), and the fact that this marathon training is just burning me out.  I was feeling burnt to the max. I didn't even care that I was sluffin' off my runs which is highly unusual for me. I am a pretty structured stubborn type and typically if something is on my running schedule, it gets done.

To combat the total loss of any energy I decided I was lacking iron and just some R&R. So after a few days of out of control nothingness I made myself a delicious high iron dinner with some lovely sweet potato carbs. I also bought myself some airborne and started taking it daily. I did this early on in the winter and felt it was helping me stay peppy so because I am in desperate need of some pepp, I stocked up =) (and I drank a diet pepsi....oopps, did I say that)

This week I am feeling much better and just starting to check all of the things off that I missed last week while trying to stay on task with what is on the Calendar this week.  So far so good.

How often do you feel unmotivated?

Me, not too often, but when I do get that way, it is like I crawl into a hole and disappear.

What do you do to come out of it?

Does it typically interrupt just your workouts and or home life?

Heres to staying motivated =) -Jen


  1. crazy! I have been feeling burnt out and unmotivated in my training lately as well. Its like I end up running because I feel like I have to...I have been trying to remind myself WHY I run lately and what is truly important to me about this marathon---finishing for ME and being proud of myself. That has been helping!

  2. Maybe it's the time of they year too? All this crazy rain we've been having here makes me SUPER unmotivated!

    Good luck getting back on track!

  3. I have been super unmotivated myself lately. I might be motivated to hunt down some Pho today though!

  4. Sometimes when I am unmotivated, if I actually start to do something it helps. If I don't push my self to get up and go, then nothing gets done...but if I get going, then stuff gets done

  5. I definitely go through unmotivated slumps like that (this week being one of them). It's taken every ounce of me to get my runs in, and I haven't cooked dinner for the hubs once this week (oops). Hopefully I'll crank out my scheduled 6 miles before work tomorrow and the slump will end.

    P.S. I love pho and you def needs the spices and such on the side added in :)

  6. This sounds EXACTLY like me this week...I am not feeling life haha

    Hopefully next week I will be pepped up again too :-)

    P.S. I LOVE your kitchen (the green island is awesome)


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