Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Traffic makes me mad and my pre fueling

Today I offered to help a friend of mine move from Harlem to way out in Queens by JFK.  Actually let's say I was volunteered to help because I have a car.  If you ever decide to move to NYC and want to bring your car be prepared to use that car to it's fullest.  So anyways for the most part I was more than happy to help.  We got up early and all was going well.  See me below, I am concentrating on my driving but am relatively happy.  It wasn't until the end of the day when traffic hit!  I mean I was moving so slow that I think I could have gotten there faster if I walked. 

I tried to get a shot of the traffic but it was a little difficult, seeing as how I was supposed to be paying attention so I wouldn't hit the car in front of me.

 Do you see me NOW!!  Yes, wanting to pull may hair out which was already coming out by then.  I mean I just look like a mess.  Anyways I made it through the day and felt good about helping out. On a side note, something else about days like these is eating.  I feel like on busy days sometimes I am not fueling myself properly.  Going long periods without food and then just eating what is around you which is not always good.  They lady that we(there was a few peeps with me) were helping move bought us all Dunkin Donuts after.  Aaaa ok so I really really did not want to eat a doughnut.  I hadn't had much all day and then was going to stuff myself with sugar??  No way, but I felt rude if I didn't take it. So I ate the thing, fine but then the rest of my day was down hill.  Arg! I hate it when that happens.

 Ok moving on....A friend of mine asked me what I ate before my runs because we all know that putting the wrong thing in before you head out on a run could mean that you will be regretting it later.  Let me just tell you now that I am the queen of using the throne before you head out.  It took me a long time to find what would work with my stomach.  Both of my sisters know that I can have an extremely sensitive stomach.  So after trial and error this is what I found works for me.

I find that the most blan foods are best.  For a long time I was just eating 2 graham crackers and a glass of spark about 1-1.5 hours before I ran.  I will tell you my problem and what began to happen.  For a while this worked but if you are a morning eater like me, the 2 grahams were just not enough.  I was getting really dizzy and light headed while I was running. I think also the spark which is like an energy/vitamin drink with caffiene was attributing.  Too much energy with not enough food.  So what I started to do was slowly add the pb(I love chocolate so of course I needed to use the chocolate pb) to my grahams.  Too much right away I would be feeling it during the run.  So I smear 1.5 grahams with pb and eat 1 plain.  This really works for me and if I am going a little longer like an 8-12 then I will eat 3-4 grahams.  BUT let me just tell you, I use the bathroom maybe 4 times before I leave the house!  I know, sens-i-tive! But I am used to it and I am fine with that.

If I am doing a longer run I have started to eat a bowl of these mixed together.  I really like it and think it is great for my energy level.

I guess most importantly is that everybody is different.  There was a time when I was heating up a homemade whole wheat waffle and eating it dry but got sick of it. But everyone has a different tolarance.  Some say no fiber because that will make you want to go.  My sister Jen likes to eat candy to give her a burst of energy.  Trial and error and you will find what works best for you.

Oh and one more thing.  I like to run in the morning when my stomach is less full.  When I run in the afternoon I try not to eat anything 2 hours before otherwise I get sever heartburn.  I try to avoid eating Mexican or spicy foods the night before, they always puts me under and last but not least is don't forget to always post fuel!  You want to feed those muscles after you get done working them out.  Even if its just a small glass of chocolate milk.

What do you guys eat before your run?

Do you have any secrets that you want to share about what gets you to the end of your workout?

What do you post fuel with?
-my fav is my almond butter toast with sliced banana on top.



  1. I eat cereal or oatmeal or toast. If I eat bananas before I run I throw up and if I eat apples I get horrible stomach cramps!

  2. i am the same way! I have to run early and I usually just have a rice cake and PB before, maybe a little banana too! THen refuel after. Keeps me feeling light.

  3. I have soo much trouble finding the right thing to eat pre-run. Before a long run, I do an english muffin with PB and half a banana. If it is a short run i might have a banana or a small cliff bar or some trail mix...After, I eat everything and anythinh haha. but I still hit the peanut butter!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my page. Before I run or workout, I love a big bowl of oatmeal with a few blueberries.

  5. I like a small bowl of cereal with milk (maybe 1/2 cup of each) for a longer run, and then I take energy and water with me (I like shot bloks). For a short run, I usually go on an empty stomach early in the morning or just eat half a banana.

  6. If I run first thing in the AM and it's less than 10 or so miles, I'll head out the door after a glass of OJ. If it's a longer run, I'll eat a piece of toast with PB and a banana or a Clif bar.

    I love to fuel post-run with a spinach and PB smoothie!! So good.

  7. when i was running i used to have a granola bar, and a few carrots (i don't know) before the run, but that was worthless. i switched to a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries, like chunky monkey said, and it was awesome.

  8. ahhh! i hate traffic too! i get so impatient!

    I like to eat cereal before I go out for a long or tough workout. I feel like I am the only person that can eat cereal but it just fills me up!

    Post run I love smoothies or anything with peanut butter!

  9. I always have a luna bar and a coffee before a run. My stomach is sensitive too and sometimes the dinner before the marathon can get me. Me + butter + marathon = port o potties :)

  10. Well last summer I would run about 30 min to 1 hour after dinner at night but this year I have been trying to run in the mornings and I only eat a banana or peanut butter toast. I have to eat a little something but nothing heavy.

  11. Thanks for the ideas of meals pre-run. I currently work out in the afternoon. Blah... BUT, school is over next week and my focus the entire summer is to become a morning runner yay!

    I'm so glad you gave ideas because I have been confused as far as what to do. I've seen some runner go without food for a morning run, but I could never do that!

  12. I usually have oatmeal with a drizzle of maple syrup before I run.

    I usually post fuel with either a green smoothie (spinach, banana, almond milk, and cinnamon) or PB and banana on toast!

    I don't need much to get me through runs. I never really liked taking gels or anything but I do it now just because I know my body needs it. Maybe 1-2 for a half marathon distance and 3-4 for a full marathon.

  13. I definitely have to eat before my runs...long or short doesn't matter. I like bananas and pb toast :-)

  14. and here I thought LA traffic was crazy 0_0 I feel ya girlie hehe


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