Monday, May 16, 2011

Jens Saturday =)

This past Saturday I had a 22 miler to run. (I originally was supposed to run Thursday but the rain was just too much, and there was NO way I was doing this on the dreadmill) I was volunteering at the 5k Families Supporting Adoption race and then I had a golf date with my hubster scheduled..... BUSY day.

Well, I got almost all of it finished except the golf.  It rained.  Anywhoo, in order to get all of this done I had to wake up at 3AM people.  Thats right. It was early. My little boy Peter was staying at his cousins for the night so it I had my hubster run the first 7 or so miles with me.  It was still pitch dark then and I am kinda scared to run that early by myself......

I had him take a picture of me because typically when I run early I am the only one around and so he graciously agreed and when he was finished I was like, "so did I look cute?" he was like, "for sure" but obviously he had not cleaned the sleep out of his eyes because this picture of me suks. But who cares. I had been wanting an early bird picture of me for a while so at least I finally got one. Oh and that is my beastie dog Grisz who I do love but is kind of annoying to run with......

Then after the run, (which felt pretty good I suppose. I stopped by running club and thought I'd attempt to do the workout with them in the middle of my 22 but ended up making my way home early because the thought of so many more miles mixed with lots of speed just wore me out). After the run I busted it home changed clothes and rode my bike over to the drink station I was to be in charge of for the adoption 5k. It was SOOO much fun =) The course was not easy and it was so inspiring to see all these people out supporting a good cause.

The arrow is pointing to me cheering people on =) I do realize I was supposed to help with the drink station but cheering for people was just TOO much fun.  Thanks Jarrie for holding down the drink stop while I wandered.

It was cold and then it started to sprinkle so instead of golfing we decided to go to the mall eat to lunch and wander.  I am so happy Dan (my hubster) does not mind going to the mall and just seeing whats out there =) Growing up as a family we did this lots and I don't know why but I find it comforting..... So I wandered into the Gap and found some cute shorts for only 25 bucks and was in line to purchase.  But after waiting for what seemed like an eternity I bailed.  Too bad for The Gap....

Then after browsing the mall we did the next best thing and went to one of my local running stores. Yep, below is a picture of me sporting my new arm warmers. I actually wanted to buy some for my run Saturday but ran out of time, so although I am not sure when the next time I will need them is I know I eventually will and that was reason enough.

I also purchased my new favorite refueling tool, Cherry Lime flavored Roctane.  Its is FAB, just as good if not better then the Jet Blackberry GU..... give it a try I say.

Anyways, it was a great Saturday and now onto this week.  Here is my workout for this week if anyone wants to join me.

Today: 5 Miles slow
Tuesday: 10 Miles with tempo (2x2 miles at 10k pace with 5 minute recovery followed by 2x1 mile repeats at 10k pace with 3-4 minute recovery)
Wednesday: Swim class (YAY) and hopefully some Yoga
Thursday: 18 miles with 12@ marathon pace
Friday: I dunno yet, probably practicing my swimming and some yoga.
Saturday: Match and Move Fartlek....not sure what this is, I will show up to running club and find out I suppose.

Happy Running -Jen


  1. Great job on your long run! I can't imagine getting up at 3 for that, well done!
    I love your pink arm warmers, co cute!

  2. I'm impressed you got Dan up so early! What a fun, busy Saturday you had.

  3. Hey! So happy to meet another blogger with so many shared interests! ::hugs::

    I'm not convinced that most guys are aware there's a display on the camera that can be used to see what they are actually taking a picture of. Male photographers are, of course, exempt from this comment.

  4. love love love the arm warmers!

    amazing job on the run :)

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    The arm warmers are too cute - as are you!

    I've done the super-early morning runs before - they're both kind of spooky and really kind of invigorating!

  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love cheering for people as well, lots of fun! We don't get all the GU flavors here in South Africa and that is a bit of a bummer...:(

  7. omg i love the pink arm warmers. if i didn't live in hot-as-can-be houston i would definitely be getting some of those!

    i guess i'll have to try GU's... i typically eat the clif shot blocks when i run, but everyone raves about the GU's and cherry lime sounds good...


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