Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Run this morning.

21 miles at 3:07:46.  No I didn't make it to 22 and I don't care either!  I was tired and so ready for my run to be over.  I can't wait for my taper to begin!  I have one more 20 miler and then I am on my way down.  Woot!  Anyways so this is how it went down.

Remember earlier today when I said I was getting up at 6 to leave by 7?  Yeah well that didn't happen.  I got up, ate my cereal and that was me below. Still way way tired.  All I could think about was my bed so I decided to lie down for 15 more mins.  Uumm yeah I woke up at 9!  What!  It was great to get that rest though, I needed it.

Downside... 1. Now the streets will be more crowded.  Annoying
                    2. My Gu's that I froze, I left out and were now room temp.
                    3. I wouldn't get back till the afternoon

Ok whatever, there was nothing I could do about it now.  Headed downstairs at 9:30.  This is me, yes squinting but it was not really sunny. Yes that is me being happy. Ha! But do you sweat yet.  Nice

This was at the top of my steps.  Can you see Spring is in full bloom?  It's nice and I love it when the scenery is pretty.

So I decided to head up to East 80th where I said I saw those awesome homes.  I wanted to get some pictures to show you guys.  They were so amazing.  I also decided to run up Park ave because I never go that way and no one is ever walking on Park Ave.  It's great!

Before I headed into the park I ran past the Guggenheim Museum.  Isn't it cool?!

I took a picture right before I left Central Park of running peeps.  Really there are more than this but most people don't come all the way around the back end.

As I was standing there eating my Gu, these squirrels were getting super close to me.  I think they wanted food.  In fact I almost felt like they understood me.  I said "Sorry squirrel I have no food for you" He looked right at me and then kinda backed off a little.  Weird, I was a little nervous that they were getting too close.  I mean animals here are more friendly because they are being feed all the time by people. Seriously I thought it was going to jump on me at one point.

Moving on, I ate my Gu's at mile 5, 10, 14.65, 19.  I carried this water bottle with me that saved me!  I know it is super small but I was able to fill it up when I went past a drinking fountain.  I like that it was small though because it didn't bother me to carry it. It was way light.

This is the dreaded bridge that I hate going back over at the end of my runs.  It is about 2.25 miles away from home.  My legs are always so tired by this point that I dread, dread, dread going back over it.  Although coming back down the other side is much much better.

This was the end!  Finally, I was tired and sweaty.  Can you tell??  I look upset right?  Yeah that is because my whole body was achying.  Once again I ran my long run too fast.  I really need to slow it down but was feeling rushed because I left so late.  I also got super annoyed because from mile 16-18 I had to make my way back from the West side to the East side.  There were so many people out and so many cars that I felt like it was stop and go.  It drives me nuts because my pace is all over the place. Whatever, just happy that it is over.

Going to have a tunes mix for you guys soon!  I tried to pay attention to what songs I liked the best on my ipod so I could make a better mix.  For some reason Norah Jones is on my ipod??  Not a huge fan and not sure how it got on there but it kept coming on, it was driving me nuts.  Seriously Norah is NOT running material.

Ok tunes coming soon!!

Did you guys have a long run today?

Are you ever afraid of animals while you are running?

Do you take breaks when you eat your Gu's?
I totally take little breaks :)  Helps me get through my long runs.



  1. It must be so awesome to run in NYC! I love the little water bottle. I need one of those. I dont usually take a break to eat my GU's but maybe I will see how it feels next time!! Also, is that a Lulu headband your wearing? I think I have the same one!

  2. I am a cliff shot junki...the expresso ones really keep me going with all the caffiene! No long runs until Chicago training begins in 3 weeks - woohoo!

  3. Wowza, what a great long run!
    i don't take breaks to fuel since I'm usually just chewing shot blocks (or jelly beans!) and it doesn't bother me to run and eat.

  4. You guys rock! I always stop, I guess cuz I also like to take pix too but still. I usually take about a 1-2 minute stretcher!

  5. Nice job on the long run! I definitely take breaks when I'm not racing.
    One time I saw a coyote on a run during the day time (which is weird because unless they are sick you only see them at night I think). That was a little scary!

  6. umm AWESOME run. are you kidding me!? it sounds like you had a great run.

    I always stop and take my GUs and drink water at some points. It helps break up the LRs :) I did my LR yesterday since I was flying today. 17 miles. 20 miles next weekend and then taper time! woo hoo!

  7. Sounds like a good run despite your late start! That water bottle it teeny tiny, I could never survive with just that even if I could refill it 100 times haha I need lots of liquids when I run!!!

    Those squirrels definitely want your gu :-)

  8. I always run my long runs a little bit faster. Overall, you had a nice long run pace-wise :)

    I once saw a fox during a long run and was terrified. You know what they say about seeing a fox during the day (stay away). I turned around immediately and ran the other direction!

  9. I am so jealous of you and your city!!! 21 miles?! It's been a while since I had a super long run like that! And NYC?!?! That's my favourite place on earth (tied with Hawaii). I ran in Central Park when I was there last year and it's so amazing. Such a beautiful park. It's like it's own city within a city!

  10. This is gonna make you mad, but my long run today was 8! (Fargo is next weekend!) I love taper time!!! Great job on the 21!!

  11. Girlfraaan you are a beaast! Great job on the run. That tiny water bottle is so cute. I hate carrying things when I run so I must look for one!

  12. Holy cow I respect the heck out of you, going out there and throwing down the 20 milers alone. Way to power through sistah! I'm going to have to revisit this blog when I'm doing the same thing come august and september. oy

  13. WOW--awesome 21 miler!!


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