Thursday, May 26, 2011

What to do?

Today I went on my last 20 miler before Grandmas. YAY! IT felt good. But I was kind of wondering because yesterday I went out to lunch with my dear sweet Grandparents and my Gramps wanted McDonalds..... so, thats where we went. I figure they have lived long lives and deserve to eat lunch wherever they want.

I think they are just cutie's!

I decided that instead of getting the cheeseburger meal (which is typically my choice, I tried to health it up a notch and go with the crispy chicken sandwich....I thought, I guess we'll see how I feel tomorrow?) Yes I still had fries because I really don't think I could actually go into McDonald and not eat fries...

Prior to meeting them I made my way to the gym for my swim class. (Which I am still loving! I highly recommend it.  Get in the pool people, it feels great.) But before I hopped in the pool I went up to try and lift some weights....but then I looked and realized that I have no idea how to use ANY of this equipment.  I typically do a barbell class which is similar to body pump so someone is telling me what to do the whole time.  Every time I try to attempt strength on my own I end up walking around like someone who is lost and although I do actually figure a few things out I am never sore after...feels kind of pointless.

If it wasn't for classes or at home workout videos I am sure my strength would be Nada.  Any suggestions on how to do strength on your own and actually feel like you did something??  Please help.

 Then last night I decided for my carb dinner I'd cook pizza on the grill.  Thanks Tyler Florence.  I have used this recipe several times and I am never disappointed.  There is something very thrilling about throwing dough onto the grill and watching it cook!  I dunno. try it, let me know your thoughts =)

And here I am trying to take a morning self portrait of myself before I start.  I had two girlfriends meet me for the first 12 and they were willing to get there butts outta bed and by at my house by 4:30! I have the best friends....I tried my new arm warmers and although I felt they were too big, they still totally worked and I felt like I was perfectly happy with my body temp. Hello Spring, YAY.

And again, here I am after the run.  It felt good. After feeling all overdone I am happy to report this run went smoothly and I feel like I am ready to give Grandmas a real run for her money!  I hope to be tough that day....any advice on how to be tough?  I am only tough sometimes....

So here is what I am looking for.....

How do you stay tough during the last miles of a marathon?

What do you do when you see a sea of strength machines?

A specific workout would RULE, and FYI, we are going to be putting a workout page up with all the different plans and workouts we do so that if you are looking to spice it up, we can tell ya what worked for us =)

When you eat at Mcdonalds can you pass on the fries?
So far, I cannot.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the giveaway..... itunes gift cards cannot be ignored.  It would be silly to do so.

Happy Running all -Jen


  1. The cheeseburger is actually not that bad an option. I agree, though, the french fries are the best - hands-down.

    Your grandparents are adorable!

  2. I actually had that same McDonald's meal yesterday! The kiddos had a picnic at school and wanted me to bring McDonald's, so I opted for the chicken instead of the burger as well. Thanks for taking such good care of Grandma and Grandpa, I know it means a lot to them that you visit so often. And no - I can't pass up the fries. :)

  3. Those pizza look so yummy. My mom used to make them on the grill too.

    In regards to weight machines, I use mostly free weights. It forces your body to work harder. I do use a few machines though. I posted my leg workout the other day on my blog. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the exercises. I love strength training!

  4. Wow that pizza looks amazing!

    I hear you...strength machines scare me too. I try and get myself to boot camp twice a week to work on my strength because I'm not a huge fan of machines. If I can't get there, I just use free weights or body weight. Check out She uses minimal equipment and is super strong!

    Fries are pretty much all I can eat at McD's so if I ever end up there (maybe once a year), that's all I'll get!

  5. HOw the heck do you look so good after 20 miles??! Great job, btw! I LOVE McDonald's. Enough said.

  6. I pretty much never eat McDonalds, shocker I know ;) Haha, I adore Chick fil-a though!

    Pizza=awesome carb dinnerrrr!!

  7. I've toyed with pizzas on the grill for THing 1's bday party but that's probably too exotic for 10 year olds. Ya think?
    When my arms is twisted to take the kiddos to McD's I sit there and eat nothing. Maybe I will when I'm a granny.

  8. Have a go-to word to use during the last 6 miles. Something positive and up lifting! And I also remind myself that the pain is just temporary and it will be over soon.

  9. I've never grilled a pizza but I'd love to, so rustic!
    Nice job on the 20 miles. You can't argue when your grandparents pick a lunch place, ever!

  10. OO where is that recipe? looks great. Also where is the give away? hmm based way to keep going, have someone with you! think of inspiration from hard core runners like the ultra marathoner

  11. You are so ready for your marathon. I'm so excited for you. I think the best thing that works for me at the end of a race/long run is to go robotic. Take the emotion out and just have a specific plan of what you are going to do. For example, lengthen your stride or increase or hold your leg turnover or spot something in front of you and "run it down". Find your thing and stick to that. That's what I do anyway. I hope you find something that works for you. I know you will. Pizza looks awesome :)

  12. Aw, cute grandparents! Awesome job on the 20 miler!! Eating at McDonalds makes me feel sick, bleeeh. But your sandwich did look good!


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